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PostSubject: Fae   Fae Icon_minitimeMay 9th 2008, 9:50 pm

Name: Fae
Gender: Female

Strength: Excellent fighter and hunter. She can be very stealthy when she wants to be and can withstand wounds quite well.
Weakness: Not much stamina, really only appears like she does because of her usual determination. Not very good with speed, either.

Pelt Color: Medium grey, sometimes even seems to reflect light.
Markings: Lighter grey on legs, face, chest and stomach. Brown ears, hackles and tail tip.
Eye color: Dark blue with a silver rim.

Personality: Fae is, altogether, stubborn. She hates to be told what to do, and would rather do the opposite. She enjoys fighting, hunting, and anything similar. Having grown up practically on her own, she has become extremely withdrawn, aggressive towards most and defensive for herself as well as any who may have gained her trust (which are few and far between). Past her angry exterior, however, she does have a gentler side. She keeps this part of her well-hidden, considering it weak and useless. She had never truly trusted anyone until she met the only one she ever loved: Shade. She was generally much more open with him, often telling him things she wouldn't to anyone else. He later abandoned her (as far as she knows, anyway), so now, heartbroken, she wanders with a more defensive and quiet attitude than she used to.

Other: 06/05/2014: After a hunting incident, Fae now has a permanent limp in her right foreleg due to improper healing of her paw. She now has several scars on her right side, and a large one on her chest where she fell on some rocks. The scar on her chest is large enough that there is a patch of fur missing, but is usually only noticeable when she lies down or stretches.
Picture(s): Full-body image.
Human or Wolf: Wolf


Walking. "Thinking." “Speaking.”

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PostSubject: Re: Fae   Fae Icon_minitimeMay 10th 2008, 6:53 am

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