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PostSubject: Rue   April 5th 2013, 6:19 pm

Name: Rue

Gender: Female

Strength: Rue is fast and clever, and she also has a few forest smarts. Her swimming skills are excellent, and she is brave enough to jump into any kind of danger.

Weakness: She's not very strong.

Pelt Color: Gray and black

Markings: Black ears, paws, muzzle, and a black tail.

Eye color: Silverish purple

Personality: Rue is a fairly kind wolf, until you get on her bad side. She has a short temper, and will rarely listen to any kind of reason. She rejects strong feelings and would rather be in solitude than in a pack.

Other: Rue was born to a fae who's mate had abandoned her after she had been bitten in the leg by a dog. The wound had gotten infected, so he left her to die. Her mother had gotten better, but she also bore the male's pups. Once giving birth, she took care of them for 3 months before abandoned them as well. She did not want anything to do with her old mate. Rue had grown up with her brother, but he died, and got attacked just like his mother, only he did not get better. He succumbed and died to the infected dog bite. After that, Rue sought out seclusion, the loner life which she now lives.

Picture(s): N/A

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Rue   April 10th 2013, 7:00 pm

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