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PostSubject: shiyami   May 4th 2013, 11:28 am

name: shiyami the dark wolf
gender: male
age: 2
strength: killing anyone or thing, hating things, goes crazy at will, can hide in the night, hunting, running, stealth, staying awake for long periods of time.
weakness: being nice, saving lives, getting along, doing any non violent things
history: shiyami was named after death and darkness. something happened when he went in the forest of mist to find food. he went in a happy red coated wolf. but a month later his parents finally found him. his appearance had changed his eyes were the darkest blood red. he saw them and killed his parents with no mercy. before they died they shouted shiyami! and were killed. some wolves say when you see his parents spirits in the mist, he's coming for you... no human or wolf dare try to kill him.
appearance: blood red eyes, black fur with purple like under belly, blood stained marks on fur from killing, he has many chips in both ears, a blood stain looks like coming out of left eye, short scruffy tail. a scare on chest, purple paws, and has a dark chi crystal.
personality: wants to kill kill kill. no stopping. if he were to choose you as his mate, you better obey that. he has a sick twisted mind. some say he has relations with the light wolf, but that is not true, they are opposite all the way.
human or wolf: wolf
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PostSubject: Re: shiyami   May 5th 2013, 1:18 pm

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