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PostSubject: Coal   May 24th 2013, 10:37 pm

Name: Coal

Gender: Male

Strength: Good stamina, can run for an above-average amount of time.

Weakness: Cannot run very fast, often has to rely on stealth to attack prey on his own.

Pelt Color: Black

Markings: None

Eye color: Purplish silver.

Personality: Coal's a nice guy. He is often making jokes, and he can be a bit care-less at times. He's very protective,and hates fights. Though,he loves a thrill,and often gets in trouble for it. He likes adventuring and going solo, but he's very loyal and brave. He wouldn't hesitate to jump into any situation to help others. He also very patient, and will stick to you till the end.

Other: Coal was born to Rue and Kupa. He cares deeply for his two siblings, Kilo and Star. He came to Rue unexpectedly, but she still cared for her three pups.

Human or Wolf: Wolf


(Hehe thought I might have some fun on this bio)

Hey,I'm Coal. I'm a brute,since apparently your can't see me and, really blind. I'm completely black, from head to paw. I have purplish-silver eyes. Which is really weird. I'm not very fast, but I do have a bunch of stamina. My mother's name is Rue. My dad's name is Kupa, but I didn't get to know him until I was older. Which is kind of sad for me and my siblings. Their names are Kilo and Star. Well, nice of you to stop by, but I've got to go. See ya!

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PostSubject: Re: Coal   May 25th 2013, 10:40 am


Could you have wolf* post a topic for Star, please?
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