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PostSubject: Char   October 6th 2013, 10:19 am

Name: Char
Gender: Brute
Strength: Fighting and Hunting
Weakness: Swimming and Pups/Pregnant Faes
Pelt Color: Mixture of black and dark brown.
Markings: The usual scars from fighting, though they are hard to see through his dark pelt.
Eye color: A pale yellow, that makes them look white.
Personality: Char is a heart-breaker and a bit aggressive. He has a sweet side but, due to his upbringing, he thinks that part of him is weak and unneeded. He tends to keep to the shadows when things aren't right to him or if he's unfamiliar with the land.The only thing he can't turn his back from are pups and pregnant faes. He's a fighter, loyal, and protective once he finds something worth protecting. Once you get through his hard shell, he'll be like an older brother, watching out for you and helping you, no matter the risk.
Other: History: Char was born into a normal pack. His father was a rouge and the Alpha of his mother's pack wanted them killed or kicked out as soon as his mother had given birth. His mother wouldn't allow it. She fought hard and long for her pups to be able to live in the pack with her. The Alpha soon gave in, but never acknowledged the pups after they were born. Char was the strongest and only two of the litter survived. The Alpha noticed their strengths and allowed them to train as Alpha pups. He never wanted his children to inherit his pack, but thought it would be good to turn it over to these once unwanted pups. They trained and became stronger. Char was to become Alpha and his brother, Deon, to become his Beta. But, one day his real father returned and took him away to teach him the ways of a rouge. He learned a lot and then left before he could inherit either pack.
Human or Wolf: Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Char   October 6th 2013, 9:03 pm

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