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PostSubject: Blade   October 14th 2013, 8:43 pm

•  Name  •
| Blade; Formerly known as Boulder |

•  Gender •
| Male |

•  Strength  •
| Strong; He is very muscled from the brutal training at his young age. He still performs most of the exercise |
| Agility; He has a quick reaction and quickly rebounds with his reflexes |
| Photographic memory; He remembers everything and anything he sees. Although, he rarely revealed this to others and feigns innocence |
| Lies through the eyes; He is a very good liar, and rarely let's other's know of his secrets |

•  Weakness  •
| Perfectionist; He loves perfection. It makes him stubborn in his design, and when something shifts the wrong way, he will fix it. He takes any risks and actions to correct it |
| Stubborn; He is very fixed on the old traditions and his old lifestyle. He has a hard time forgetting anything |
| Reckless; His innocent front makes it fun to tease people, and he may put too many buttons. He feels quite invincible with his newfound personality |

•  Pelt Color  •
| Black, silver, white and tan |

• Markings  •
| He is covered majorly in black. His ear tips, eyebrows, eyes and are a dark tan. He also has a line from his nose down to his chin in tan. He has a silver tail, paws, scruff, and a silver bat shape on his back. He has a white upper lip, chest, and underbelly. |

•  Eye color  •
| His right eye is a dark maroon while the other is a light turquoise. |

•  Personality  •
| Blade is a kind and polite wolf. He is very self-less in his ways, but he hides much with this front. He is a liar, a trickster, and a deceiver. He keeps things bottled up and to himself. He is very cynical of others, but he won't go out of his way to chastise him, only when he is thoroughly irritated by their lifestyle. However, he can be kind in the beginning, but slowly grows to hate others through their imperfections. |

•  History  •
| Blade was born into a mercenary type of pack. Some trained as assassins, others as cruel barbarians. He was the son of the alpha, making him the next heir, and new student off all kinds of fighting and ways of killing. They've drilled blood so deeply into his brain, he finds it hard to find common sense if he's too absorbed in fighting. His father was proud, but his strong son worried him. He did not wish to be killed by his offspring, it would make him seem weak and helpless. So, he took action. He had siblings. One had a heart disease, limiting him, and the other was a female. Headstrong, but weak-minded. So, his father didn't mind. They were basically his own puppets, so getting rid of Boulder wouldn't be a problem. He chased him out, and tried to end his life while he was hunting. He put up a fight for a few minutes, but his father proved to strong as he turned tail to run. He was caught again, but another force shoved him off. His best friend, Blade. He distracted him by asking what his father, Steel was doing, and Boulder backed away a few steps before Steel struck down Blade. He turned tail and ran, promising himself never to come back again. He changed his identity and became Blade, but the shock of it all altered him, and he has forgotten most of that day |

•  Other •
| He has complete heterochromia iridum, where the pigment in your eyes differ |
| He has silver trackers/earrings in his right ear |
| This biography is a reboot of the old one, so the design and personality has changed slightly. So has his history |

•  Picture(s)  •

•  Human or Wolf  •
| Wolf |


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PostSubject: Re: Blade   October 15th 2013, 2:25 pm

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