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PostSubject: Sphene   October 15th 2013, 1:31 am

Name: Sphene
Gender: Male
Strength: Sphene's best strength is the way he surveys a situation before doing anything.
Weakness: He is not very persistent and never listens to reason.
Pelt Color: Tan and gray
Markings: Gray in his cat and gray on the tops of his ears
Eye color: Left eye is a light gray and the right is a beautiful emerald green
Personality: Sphene isn’t your typical man, in looks or personality! He is very special in a way that is undefined. He is much less than accommodating as most of the time he is snappy when he is near other wolves causing him to become more and more alienated every day. You can talk to him but he just will not answer. Society claimed him a rebel years ago and still is. Sphene does not, under any circumstances, appreciate childish adults. He doesn’t believe in “kindness” and normally disregards it in any conversation unless he thinks the one he is with deserves it. His intellect comes from how he surveys situations and actually thinks before he speaks. Though many rumors had been made, Sphene is sophisticated and just because he doesn’t have any friends it doesn’t mean he can't make any.
Other: N/A
Picture(s): Sphene
Human or Wolf: Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Sphene   October 15th 2013, 2:25 pm

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