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PostSubject: Tinsel   October 16th 2013, 7:22 pm

Name: Tinsel
Gender: Female
Strength: Her best strength is her passion for hunting; over the years she perfected her skills
Weakness: The way she will set herself to only allow certain others to become an ally to her and how one of the unlucky souls that becomes her friend she will set a fixation on that specific one.
Pelt Color: Pure grayish-white
Markings: None
Eye color: Left is gray right is turquoise
Personality: Tinsel; a pretty she-wolf with a great sense of humor when, and if, she warms up to you. She is actually quite bittersweet when it comes to meeting others that she had never known before, you’d never know it if she knew you for her whole life. After she begins to become a friend to you, which is rare and takes a long time, she will never want to let you go because she is afraid that you’ll leave her. Tinsel is not easily reassured of anything; nothing at all. Tinsel is a bit timid and won’t talk to you until she is sure you are not going to be leaving her anytime soon. To not be careful around her would be asking for your death sentence…early. As a pup Tinsel saw some many others leave her and simply walk away that now if she begins to feel as if she needs someone she will developed this mad fixation on them and will really never leave them alone, this extreme downside is what causes a lot of her friends to bail. All of her mental problems were caused by her past; she watched so many of her friends and family die or be killed off that when she got older and found a friend she got so insane about them that she one day she simply attacked them, fortunately for the friend she didn’t slaughter them. To be able to put up with her would be like having the power of a god with eternal patience…which you don’t always find. Tinsel’s coat is a beautiful grayish white with no exception of any other color. Her eyes are what make her strange as first; one is a beautiful shade of turquoise while the other is a pale gray.
Other: None
Picture(s): Tinsel
Human or Wolf: Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Tinsel   October 16th 2013, 7:26 pm

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