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PostSubject: Ash    Ash  Icon_minitimeOctober 24th 2013, 10:21 pm

•  Name  •
| Sylvia, also known as Ash for her pelt |

•  Gender •
| Female |

•  Strength  •
| Observant; She loves to try and read people. To figure out their stories, and feels triumphant once she's found she's right |
| Learner; She will always fall silent when there is something for her to learn, but with only disagree when she knows something is wrong. She is very knowledgable and quite curious in her own way |
| Speed; Her thin, lithe figure makes her very fast |

•  Weakness  •
| Forgetful; She remembers very few of her memories, and only the guilt ridden ones remain along with her knowledge |
| Distrustful; She is very doubtful of friendship, she merely makes herself comfortable around others, but once you've lost her trust, you lose it forever |
| Vain; She hides her many insecurities with a pride of being right the majority of the time. She is oblivious to the fact that it bothers people and does it without thinking |

•  Pelt Color(s)  •
| Gray, tan, black, and white.  |

• Markings  •
| She is covered majorly in gray. The scruff on her neck and back are tan running down her tail with another layer of gray. She has a white undercoat, and muzzle with the bridge of her nose being tan. Her ears are black along with many other patches around her body |

•  Eye color  •
| Stormy gray |

•  Personality  •
| Ash appears to be a sophisticated and expressionless entity. She speaks bluntly but only means well, and may not take other's feelings into consideration. She is not a very impulsive person fueled by feelings, more of a guilty obligation. She does not have passion and does not jump at the opportunity to better herself. She has buried herself in knowledge and curiosity, that she has forgotten sympathy, but her empathy remains with her. She can be rather stubborn and will be the first to jump to conclusions, but she is very loyal, and would do anything for what is just and fair in her eyes. She is skilled in patronizing others into doing what she wants, but yet again, is caught unaware by her skill. |

•  History  •
| She was a very bold and questioning pup, never taking "just because" for an answer. She always wanted others to be direct and know exactly how things would go, but slowly came to find out how much her noisy behavior had rattled those around here. So she quieted down and drew into herself, recalling all of the mistakes and pain she had inflicted on others. She became hesitant and apologize for many mistakes which weren't even her fault, but someone told her it had not made her more likable. So she began taking responsibility and picking up the missing pieces. In the end she had not gotten rid of her guilt and left her pack to live alone and away from creating a deeper and greater burden inside. She had found a great love for knowledge at this point, covering up everything with it, but still it remains as an indelible mark. All of her good memories are gone and she regrets many of her acts. But she acts ignorant and tries to hide from reality and makes things as best she could at the moment |

•  Other •
| She is straddling the border between being a Sociopath and being depressed, being neither of the extremes, merely being stuck in the early stages |
| This biography is a reboot of the old one, so, much of it has changed |

•  Picture(s)  •
Ash  Keen_eyed_by_wind_princess-d4na5wr

•  Human or Wolf  •
| Wolf |


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PostSubject: Re: Ash    Ash  Icon_minitimeOctober 25th 2013, 5:02 pm

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