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PostSubject: Joker   Joker Icon_minitimeNovember 21st 2013, 4:29 am

Name: Joker

Gender: Female

Strength: 1: Her strength, is well, strength; for a female her body is very muscular. 2: Her body is very well built for a the snow, giving her an advantage when hunting in snowy terrain.  

Weakness: 1: Her heavy Icelandic accent can make her hard to understand, which resulted to a problem with communication. 2: Jokers dense build deems her unfit for a stealthy attack.

Pelt Color: Mixes of golden, brown, black, and cream.

Markings: None really.

Eye color: Pale, or, in other terms, icy blue.

Personality/description: She’s a vicious maniac, her vocals almost always thought outlandish. Her coat pallet consists of many hues of brown, white, back and cream. Joker may be quite cynical yet she still can be a good friend, when she wants to. She is a notorious fiend, her actions never quite on the sane side. Joker’s voice, though a heavy Icelandic accent is echoed, is quite smooth and always calm, even when she is about to go more insane than she already is. She is most always aloof, placing herself apart from others. Disliked and dishonorable, Joker is known to be a liar and much more an aggressive monster when you say something, or do something, she doesn’t like. Ask her name, she may speak another, perhaps one of someone from her gruesome past. Bloodlust consumed her soul and even the tiniest scent or drop of blood may as well set her off, on a rampage. Gloomy ice blue eyes show a tale of loss and sorrow, when in reality her puppyhood was quite fine, she got everything she ever wanted. For the right someone, Joker may force a smile, but it would most likely be fake. Her body is perfectly built for snowy and mountainous terrain, unlike most females, her build is quite muscular. A mad fixation with anyone who gains her trust has to be in order, at least with Joker maybe.

Picture(s): LINK

Human or Wolf: Wolf

"Yawn-a-rooney. We both know you eat punks like that for breakfast. I've got some real surprises in store for you."

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PostSubject: Re: Joker   Joker Icon_minitimeNovember 23rd 2013, 11:34 pm

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