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PostSubject: Phoenix   Phoenix Icon_minitimeDecember 1st 2013, 8:00 pm

Name: Phoenix

Gender: Female

Age: 1 1/2 years

Strength: She's very persistent and speedy. She's not very strong, but when she's angered enough, her energy seems to flare up.

Weakness: She's impulsive and stubborn,and her anger can cloud her thoughts. So when she is in her angry seizures, she might attack unsuspecting strangers. Neither is her stamina very strong.

Pelt Color: Black

Markings: Red markings around her eyes, back, and tail tip.

Eye color: Silver

Personality: Phoenix's a rude, hot blooded, and stubborn tom boy. She's brave and impulsive and will rarely listen to other wolves. Gaining her respect is even harder. She hates being taught wrong, and she's very persistent. She's never honest with her feelings, but under all of that brashness is a very shy and protective fae. She never really opens up, even with Dusk and Blue around. Phoenix doesn't want to be looked down upon for being the youngest in the Sirius Wolves, and she always trying to prove herself. Phoenix can be nice, but she won't say anything that would be embarrassing out loud. She likes to climb trees and rocks, but she hates the water. She's not afraid of it,she just has long fur which is trouble some with all of it every where.

Other: Phoenix was a daughter of an all male pack. She was found on their borders,and was abandoned by her parents as a pup. She doesn't know why though. The leader of the pack felt sympathetic, and actually thought that she was a he. The wolf, named Devil, realized Phoenix was a girl once she was about 5 months old. He taught her to act like a boy,and use a deeper voice and act like one. It was successful for about a year, but the pack shamen somehow knew 'everything'. He was suspicious of Phoenix from the beginning. The pack was a nomadic one, and found mates as a temptation. The shamen consulted Lupus, the wolf god, but he didn't get an answer. Phoenix was safe for a more few days, but she almost revealed her gender, and Devil scolded her. She got angry, and submerged into one of her angry seizures and stormed through camp. Her high pitched voice gave away her identity. They turned to their leader,Devil and they said either they banish her, or both of them. Devil didn't have any offspring, and his next in command wanted to change the ways of the pack, so it was dangerous for him to leave. So, Devil sent away Phoenix. She was so angry,and vowed to get revenge on the camp. That's why she's so closed up and rude now.
After a couple of weeks,she bumped into Dusk and she kept bumping into him at odd occurrences. She finally started to starve from the winter hunting,and Dusk with his brotherly self, left some of his prey at her den. Phoenix was angered by his help and went to find him, when she did, he was sleeping. She woke him up,and he said nothing,but he gave a curt explanation of some small pack he was starting. It would accept others without a problem, and they would travel around looking for others to help. Phoenix decided to help after a long of going back and forth about the idea. She's happy, but the thoughts to her old pack still dwells in her mind.

Picture(s): Phoenix Image57

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix   Phoenix Icon_minitimeDecember 4th 2013, 1:44 pm

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