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PostSubject: Riptide   Riptide Icon_minitimeDecember 2nd 2013, 12:34 am

Name: Riptide

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years

Strength: Riptide is very calm and collected. He has a lot of stamina, and he is very quick and lucid. His mind is focuses and honed, making his intellect more than average.

Weakness: He can be a bit rigid when annoyed, and he can tune things out too easily. His strength is only mediocre, and he can be a little stubborn.

Pelt Color: Blue

Markings: Markings of darker blue and gray rings on his legs.

Eye color: A vibrant emerald green

Personality: Riptide is a calm and collected wolf. He is very smart, but isn't very good at strategizing without having time. He can give a cold shoulder for a long time, and he has a hard time accepting change and strangers. He can be ill-manned, and very rude, and under all of that, there isn't very much else. However, he is very protective, and he won't let anyone hurt the friends he's made in his lifetime. His many old friends dot the land in more places than he can count, but with his bad luck streak, they always ended up separated. He has a very commanding atmosphere around him that practically demands your attention.

Other: Born in the very large mountain valley, Riptide was the son of the Alpha and Alphaness of the Lunar pack. He was prince and older brother of Ren. Draco and Maroon were his father and mother. Ren was jealous of his older brother, because he was a few hours older than him. Once they were about a year old, Ren started conspiring with Hawk to overthrow both his parents and his brother. Hawk was the bloodthirsty, power hungry younger brother of Draco. After a few months, their plan was put in motion. Although, Rose heard of his plan. Rose had a crush on Riptide, and vice versa. She was beautiful, and Ren was actually angered by this as well, since he had fallen in love with the fae too. Riptide was out hunting when Rose found him. Ren was planning to kill both Draco and Maroon,then blame the death of his parents on him, making him seem like a blood thirsty son. Riptide raced to the den with Rose. They found their parent's dead bodies with Hawk and Ren. Ren had killed their parents, but Hawk started lunging at Ren. Riptide tried to stop him, but he didn't get there in time, and Ren was killed as well. Hawk wanted to rule the valley of the Lunar pack himself. In an attempt to kill Riptide as well, Hawk was knocked out of the way by Rose. Rose was easily slain by Hawk, but Riptide turn and ran after his love was killed. He'd never confessed his feelings and regrets it to this day.
After a couple of days, Riptide was starved from only half-heartedly hunting. Phoenix had found him in this state passed out in the frozen forest. He dragged him back to Dusk and camp. They healed him and after a few days, he woke up. Being proposed the idea of a new life without a question about his past life, he quickly accepted. He now lives and runs with the Sirius Wolves.

Picture(s): Riptide Blue_wolf_by_hieiblackflame224-d5jev5y

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Riptide   Riptide Icon_minitimeDecember 4th 2013, 1:44 pm

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