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PostSubject: Pine   Pine Icon_minitimeDecember 13th 2013, 10:26 pm

Name: Pine

Gender: Female

Strength: She's very strong, despite her small size. She's very fast,and she has a lot of stamina. She's an excellent huntress, and loves climbing and running around. She's very clever, and she is self taught, making her quite smart.

Weakness: Pine likes to hide her inner feelings as not to worry her friends. Sometimes she has very painful seizures that render her completely motionless, and in pain. However, she will rarely let things go so easily.

Pelt Color: She is a Canadian Timber Wolf with a gray, beige, and white pelt.

Markings: Refer to reference.

Eye color: Red

Personality: Pine is an optimistic and kind wolf. She's very intellectual,and clever, and she can usually tell if your lying. Pine is very brave and courageous, but not violently driven. Still, if the times calls for it, she will lash out and give you horrible wounds. There has been no fight she'd ever lost in her times with the Sirius wolves. She hides her inner feeling she believes will worry the others. One big one is that she had a MEGA crush on Dusk. Still she doesn't want to change the relationship they already have. Pine isn't very forgiving she'll go to the ends of the earth for something had someone did.

Other: Pine was born in a facility. Her mother tried to protect her from the experiments that they did on the other animals. She was finally put down for her violent acts. Starting at the age of 6 months,Pine was experimented on. One of them turned her eyes to a blood-red she now has. Her only joy she had during all of this was Reed. He was a male dog-wolf hybrid. Reed actually had a crush on Pine and he acts a lot like Dusk does. Pine wasn't, but they were best friends in everything. One day, the scientists decided to start experimenting on making a serum or a pill that acted as a steroid for the army, that had fewer side effects. So, it began... Reed and Pine were frozen in fear as they watched as others were mutated to much to help,and others were just...Dead. Finally,it was Reed's turn. He never got out of the facility. Pine was next and she was the only case that survived without any bodily harm. The drug was still in production,but it still showed side effects on Pine. The scientists decided to take Pine to a convention showing off their 'invention'. They did a few examples,but some animal abuse protesters found out and demanded her to be let go along with the others. The scientist refused,but some random kid some how picked the lock on her cage and let her go. Pine ran, and ran, and never looked back.
After several day of avoiding all human contact, Pine discovered Phoenix and Dusk arguing about something. Although, Phoenix was the only one who was actually yelling. Dusk quickly accepted her and treated her kindly, even more than the others. There was a reason behind this. Although, Pine does not know, she looks, almost creepily, exactly like Lilac, Dusk's younger sister that was now dead back at his old pack. Pine soon fell in live with the black wolf, but will never speak out her feelings. Nor is anyone else ever will.

Picture(s):Pine Canadian_Timber_Wolf_by_Etinogard

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Pine   Pine Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2013, 1:07 am

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