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PostSubject: Denalia   Denalia Icon_minitimeDecember 27th 2013, 4:44 am

2013-12-27 12:44 AM

Name: Denalia {Din-al-e-uh}

Gender: Female

Strength: Denalia has always exceeded in everything she's done. From stamina to close-quarters combat, she is always reigning the winner.

Weakness: Even though she seems to exceed in everything Physical, there is one thing this woman has never been able to grasp; the art of hunting. Yes, yes, you would think since she is great in about everything she would be able to do this. Yet it escapes her the use of it and really how to do it correctly. A mental downside to her is her Histrionic personality disorder.

Pelt Color: Her sleek coat consists of many hues including; browns, whites and golds.

Markings: A darker brown fur is tipped on the tops of both of her ears.

Eye color: Pale blue

Personality/description: The soft silk that is hers consists of a colorful variety of browns and whites, all forming a well consistent array of hues. Petite and fragile, Denalia doesn’t look as if she’d be great warrior, much less an assassin. This woman’s eyes are so disconcerting, always distant and lonely as they gaze with their crystal blue into your soul. Each teacup paw step echoes a distant and subtle bit of seductiveness. Small and underestimated, Denalia conceals a thin layer of muscle that is well put to use in her many odd ways of doing things. Upon her cranium rests her ears, tipped with a bit of darker fur. And at the tip of her tail lies that same color.

Devilish as they come, Denalia is a hitman. A devious grin tugging at the edges of her lips as she stands over dying animals, proud of herself much more when it’s dying because of her. She’ll do anything for a good laugh, even if it requires taking the life of an innocent other.. Easily annoyed, Denalia will become hostile under any circumstances. Like a puppy, Denalia will hang onto whatever she can get for as long as possible; not able to bear the loss of someone she truly has grown fond of. She believes herself to be the sovereign ruler over all of humanity, when in reality she really is the one who is the lesser part. Unable to fully make a decision on her own, Denalia will not do anything until someone gives her the answer to her decision and when they do she will follow fully though what they said and will not stop until it is done.

Inflicted with Histrionic personality disorder, Denalia often will seek attention and over exaggerate her emotions -- good or bad. She was never meant to be very vivacious but when her personality disorder manifested itself she changed. She’ll seek approval always and when not given she will try to change that little something about herself, often failing.

Picture(s): Click!

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Denalia   Denalia Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2013, 1:09 am

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