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PostSubject: The Imposter   The Imposter Icon_minitimeJanuary 2nd 2014, 11:46 pm

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Name|| Imposter is his name.
Gender|| He is a male.
Strength|| A major strength for him is fight, with his brute strength. He also is a master of disguise, and can camouflage himself easily.
Weakness|| He has poor stamina and cant run very fast.
Pelt Color|| A greyish-brown.
Markings|| Other than his fur being flecked with brown he doesn't have any.
Eye color|| A dark, chocolaty
Personality|| He is slightly cocky, but vicious and cruel. He would never pass up a fight, even with a female.
Other||He has scars all over his body.
Human or Wolf|| He is a wolf.
The Imposter Tumblr_mxt7tvSOak1s20u5go1_500
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The Imposter
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