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PostSubject: Charm   Charm Icon_minitimeJanuary 10th 2014, 3:28 pm

Name: Charm
Gender: Female
Strength: Hunter
Weakness: Evelyn & Malaki
Pelt Color: Calico
Markings: Different colors (Goldish Brown, White, Black)
Eye color: Golden
Human or Wolf: Wolf
Personality: Motherly toward her own. Acts alpha. Very bold and strong. Alpha material. Can be playful but only with the wolves she knows very well. Doesn't like strangers very well. Can be aggressive to those who betray her in some way. Acts vicious toward others. Doesn't trust easily. Takes a lot to earn her trust. Takes care of Malaki and Evelyn. Treats the children as her own.Super protective over Malaki and Evelyn.
Picture:Charm Charm10

Name: Evelyn
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Honey brown
Human or wolf?:Human
Sibling: Malaki
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Adoptive Mother: Charm
Personality: Bold. Courageous. Daring. Worries about her brother. Doesn't like when people pick on her brother. Only she can. Very stubborn. Likes to wonder off a lot from Charm. Can understand wolves and speak to them as well. Likes to act like a wolf too.

Picture of the children:Charm Ame_an11

Name: Malaki
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Male
Hair: Black but looks to be Navy blue
Eyes: Honey brown
Human or wolf?: Human
Sibling: Evelyn
Mother: Deceased
Father: Deceased
Adoptive Mother: Charm
Personality: Shy. Gets picked on a lot from his sister. Acts like a wolf because Charm took him in. Had an abusive father. Sister is Evelyn. Can talk to wolves. Can understand wolves. Likes to stay close to Charm but will follow his sister if she wonders off.

Their Story: Charm was never your typical wolf. She never fitted in with her normal brothers and sisters. Her calico fur was odd and not many wolf pups had those pallet of colors when they were born. She was oddball to nature. Not to mention, being a runt in a bunch of pups didn't make the situation any better. As her brothers and sisters got stronger and older, Charm was trying to get her strength up. She was weaker than her siblings, but she still tried. When they began to see the world, Charm's eyes were still closed. When they began to walk, she was just opening her eyes. When they began to run and play, she was just beginning to stand and struggling to take walks. Nature wanted her to fail, but her will and spirit never gave up. Though, one day, a dreadful forest fire broke out. Her parents guided her brothers and sisters to safety, but seeing how fragile and weak Charm was, they left her behind. Wolves didn't care for the runts of their litter. They were suppose to be strong and healthy at birth. To wolves, runts were the aftermath after all of the strength was drained by their siblings. They could care less about the runt. Cruel, yes. Sad, yes. But it was their nature. That was the circle of life. The weak were triumphed over and only the strong survived. After the fire, Charm was luckily found in a puddle of water under a heavy fallen, charred log. If it wasn't for the puddle and the log above her, the fire would of consumed her without pity or mercy. Hearing whimpers and small howls, she was found by a hunter. Being a wolf, seeing a human was a frightening sight so putting up a fight was only natural like any scared animal would have. She had bitten the man a couple times when she was being fed through a bottle still. A couple of years later, she grew older. She became a hunting dog even though she never felt entirely whole. Something was missing in her heart. When she hunted, she felt whole again. In the forest, she felt like herself, like a beast was let out of a cage for the first time. It was an amazing feeling. As another year went by, she soon watched the man, who rescued her, have a family of his own. She grew attach to a little bundle of joy; a little girl named Evelyn. In one year apart, another baby was born; a baby boy named, Malaki. They may have not looked like dogs, but she did fall in love with them like they were her own pups. Sadly, the children's mother  died after the second child was born. That's when everything began to spiral out of control. When the two children were toddlers, their father always came home, drunk. He abused the children constantly with his large hands or anything he could get his hands on. Charm went crazy when that happened. Hearing their little screams and cries, made her growl and bite at her cage relentlessly. She always seemed to revert back to her primal instinct as if mother wolf was protecting her pups. She was a vicious creature when she heard them being beaten, but she could do nothing behind metal bars. Every night, it was the same thing. Their painful screams and hurting pleads made her heart ache and only made her deep hatred for the man grow and grow. She didn't care if he rescued her from the pits of hell, those were her babies and he wasn't going to harm them anymore. She just needed to escape. One night after a beating, the children crawled over to the cage, petting Charm through the gaps of Charm's cage. They only felt such comfort and she seemed to ease their little broken hearts. When they were close, she licked their wounds and faces. If wolves could cry, Charm would have. They were never allowed to open her cage or another beating would happen. Charm soon looked up to see their father stand there, a bottle of alcohol in his hands as he stood in his boxers. He wasn't the man he used to be. Not to her, anyways. She could hear him shout at the kids as they hugged each other, crying. Charm saw their little bodies tremble as she growled at the man, warning him to stay away from them. Though her warning growl was not taken into consideration, not by that drunken fool. He did finally hear Charm as he kicked the cage telling Charm to shut up. Her eyes flicked over to the little girl, who pulled herself from her younger brother's arms around her and quickly unlocked the cage. Charm saw her chance as the cage doors slowly opened, she jumped out. Those pearly white fangs glistening in the light of the house as she stood in front of the children, tail up and fur fluffed out, threateningly. Her eyes met the man's evil eyes as he tempted to scare her off by acting as if he was going to hit her with the bottle. She didn't flinch nor look away. She could see his facial expression slowly change into horror when he noticed Charm wasn't going to budge. She snapped her jaws viciously at him and then ran at him, leaping high into the air, mouth open. Her fangs quickly sank into the man's flesh, tearing skin and spewing blood as the man was brought down to the floor, beer bottle shattering as it hit the floor. Her jaws were still locked on the man. She didn't dare let go as the man thrashed around. Even when he tried grabbing her jaws to open her mouth, she only bit down harder, growling in the process. It was only when the man stopped moving completely that she released her jaws. She panted heavily as adrenaline surged through her body, blood dripping from her bottom jaw. She looked over, noticing that the children were looking at her. They weren't crying anymore as Charm began to walk over to them. They crawled toward her, meeting her half way, only to wrap their tiny arms around Charm like she was a hero to them. Evelyn was the one to speak, thanking her as Malaki just stood quiet, hugging Charm closely. They both were so young. Being five and six, they didn't understand what exactly had happened except that father fell and went to sleep. They didn't even act knowledge the blood. Charm licked both of their cheeks, reassuringly and lovingly as they giggled and laughed, nuzzling their faces into the wolf's fur. She soon left their side and walked over to the open window, licking her muzzle. She lifted her upper body, placing her paws on the narrow ledge of the window. Her ears perked up when she heard the wind rustle the leaves of the trees and the crickets chirp. The wild was calling her name and she was ready for it. She soon rushed to the doggy door, standing by it as she looked back at them. "Charm..where you going?" Evelyn asked, hugging her little brother for comfort. She was waiting for them to follow her. She slipped out of the door and waited on the other side. Evelyn began to walk, pulling her little brother by hand to the doggy door. The only reason there was a doggy door was because Charm used it when she wasn't locked up all day, which was rare. She always thought about running away before, but she couldn't leave the children behind. They meant too much to her. Evelyn guided her younger brother through the doggy door, pushing on his head as he ducked and went through, appearing on the other side. Evelyn soon followed, pushing past the rubber flap. On the other side, she held her little brother's hand again, looking at Charm. The wolf walked up to them and licked their faces, turning back around to woods. The girl smiled first, looking down at her brother. "C'mon Malaki. We are going home with Charm now." She beamed a smile at Malaki, who only flashed a small smile up at her in return. It was true, they were going home. It was calling Charm, but she wouldn't leave them behind so they followed, disappearing into the darkness with Charm, hand in hand. Home was calling.
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PostSubject: Re: Charm   Charm Icon_minitimeJanuary 10th 2014, 3:34 pm


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