Frost bite

How will you live yours?

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 Frost bite

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PostSubject: Frost bite   March 26th 2014, 11:07 am

~Zero would pad through the snowy woods with his head low to the ground, dragging his nose across the frozen ground smelling new scents. " Other wolves, or maybe prey?." He wondered and crouched low against the snow covered forest floor , ears pricked forward crawling slowly toward the unknown scent cautiously. Zero would suddenly freeze like deer in the headlights and didn't move inch from his hiding spot from behind huge oak tree, crouching down chattering his teeth nervously, while her ears flick up hearing hooves crunch the snow beneath it loudly. He wouldn't move forward or speak becoming afraid of loosing the deer and missing another chance to eat again. Zero would take deep breaths to help himself stop from worrying to much before he stepped forward bravely from his hiding spot, stalking the massive buck silently through the frozen forest. Sadly Zero misstep which cause a twig to snap, forcing the buck to quickly run away at high speeds leaving Zero behind with empty stomach once again. He let out soft whimper as his tail goes between his legs, becoming lonely and depressed. " I can't do anything right. I'm such loser. He sighed sadly missing his pack dearly, Zero recently just lost his entire pack and family to huge forest fire few weeks ago, leaving him to survive on his own.~
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PostSubject: Re: Frost bite   May 24th 2014, 8:58 pm

(may i join?)

maybell trotted through the freezing snow, starving. she had not eaten in days and if she did not find food and shelter soon she would freeze to death or starve to death, whatever came first. snow stuck to her red and brown fur and she limped slightly from being run off another wolves territory. she crouched down near a small overhang of a tree branch hoping for a little reprieve from the falling snow that kept getting into her green eyes. suddenly she heard a commotion, then saw a large deer headed her way running as fast as it could. her heart leapt at her sudden burst of luck. she readied herself, then leapt at the deer as it ran passed. she was tossed around and was almost thrown off but managed to take the buck down in the end. letting out a howl in victory. she began to eat the meat from the bucks shoulder, wondering why it had been running to begin with.
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Frost bite
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