New Staff Member & Improvements

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 New Staff Member & Improvements

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PostSubject: New Staff Member & Improvements   March 27th 2014, 12:23 am

Hello, everyone!

Today I would like to welcome the wonderful Winterwolf to our staff! I know it may seem unfair that no one was able to apply for the position, but it was kind of a spur of the moment decision to promote her. I'd been away, and when I returned I noticed that Kihyah also seemed to be a bit absent. So, I thought that a new, more active staff member would be a good idea. Winterwolf has always been a very friendly, helpful member, and I am sure she'll do a brilliant job at being a moderator. And I promise, if we ever get popular enough to require more moderators, I will open up the applications board so that everyone has a chance.

In other news, I would really, really like for you all to give me any suggestions you may have for Wolf Life. Be it layout, rules (addition, subtraction, or modification thereof), or certain aspects of the forum, please let me know! Even if the suggestion doesn't end up being adhered to, it's great to hear what everyone thinks of the site!

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New Staff Member & Improvements
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