Ace the Charmer

How will you live yours?

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 Ace the Charmer

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PostSubject: Ace the Charmer    Ace the Charmer  Icon_minitimeMay 14th 2014, 7:07 pm

Name: Ace
Gender: male
Strengths:strong,fast,smart,good at swimming.
weaknesses: low stamina, fear of ghosts
color: mostly silver
markings:(get comfortable) light silver nose, dark silver eye spots, light silver neck, sliver white neck bottom, white belly, dark silver tail tip, white tail tip top, white silver tail bottom, dark silver "leggings" with mismatch paws of light silver and white, black fur crests on legs, light silver left ear, dark silver right ear, silver face mask, light silver fur tuft on head.
Eye color: golden
Personality: Ace is a funny, friendly guy that can make everyone like easily. He is very charming but is embarrassed that he's afraid of ghosts. He loves fighting when he isn't being his normally peaceful self so don't make him mad. Ace is also pretty mischevious.
Other: Ace was born in a pack on the mountains. He was a rascal neighborhood pup that sometimes made a lot of girls fall in love with him. This made the boys mad and so they started to hate him. They made a plan to run him out of the mountain. Ace eavesdropped on their plan and ran away. The boys caught up to him however and pushed him down a waterfall. He survived though and has been running ever since. He usually roams the wintry places and the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Ace the Charmer    Ace the Charmer  Icon_minitimeMay 16th 2014, 7:03 am

Nice wolf, Golden! It's accepted!
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Ace the Charmer
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