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PostSubject: Galaxy   Galaxy Icon_minitimeMay 21st 2014, 9:52 pm

Name: Galaxy

Gender: Female

Strength: Galaxy is quick, smart, agile, and can fight exceptionally

Weakness: Galaxy has low stamina

Eye color: Galaxy has one grey eye and one cyan eye

Pelt color: Galaxy has silver fur

Markings: Galaxy has odd star shapes on the right side of her body, and on the left are even odder stripes that appear to be in a pattern like scratches or scars. All these markings are black. Galaxy also has a scar on her left foreleg that seems to wrap around her leg.

Personality: Galaxy is quiet and secretive, but she is not shy. She keeps to herself and never opens up to anyone. If she talks to you, you might notice how she rambles on about the universe and auras. Its because she is very spiritual and she believes that some wolves are more connected to the earth and spirit-world than others.

Other: History~   Galaxy is the lesser known sibling of Trace and Drake, and also the more spiritual wolf compared to them and Alice. When Trace was going on about the shadow wolf, Galaxy was experiencing her own surprise. Galaxy believed that she saw colors surrounding wolves, and she asked her mother about said colors. Her mother said that she must be ill, but she started talking about auras and the universe. This is why Galaxy is so spiritual, and also why she believes she can see auras. She guessed who the alpha would choose as his mate correctly by learning that pink was love, and she learned to run away before her sister was supposedly killed by learning that red could mean anger. Galaxy believes that Alice can read auras, because she was never able to see Alice's aura. Galaxy also believes she can see ghosts and spirits because she once saw a wolf floating in the air. She once asked them about Ash the shadow wolf, and they said he was named 'Blood of Shadows' and he was an evil spirit that ate ghosts to add to his power. Galaxy was very secretive after that.
Added to appearance~ Galaxy is smaller than normal, and has a very fluffy tail

Human or wolf: wolf

I don't know what to do, what to choose. What can I do? What can I choose? The only way to avoid the choice is to run, so I will run. But, isn't that a choice?
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PostSubject: Re: Galaxy   Galaxy Icon_minitimeMay 22nd 2014, 9:20 am

Very nice wolf, accepted. :)

I stood there frozen, my legs numbed as i stared into the shadows with wide frightened eyes. There they stood with glowing eyes among the trees shadows.  I heard one low grow, a warning that i better run? I don't think i'll find out now. They emerged one by one each ones muscle rippling like waves of the ocean. I stared in aww as they each emerged, i couldn't explain too you how beautiful they looked but also how deadly, i knew then that i was standing in the presence of a pack of wolves.

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