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PostSubject: Oisin   Oisin Icon_minitimeJune 15th 2014, 4:37 pm

Oisin 5nrcjc

Name: Oisin (oosh-een)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years
Specie: Red x Eastern
Pack: N/A†
Rank: Rogue
Mate: N/A

Appearance:†His eyes are those of the clearest blue sky though they seem empty. The males muzzle almost always dawns a sort of half-smiling smirk. Oisin is slightly smaller than what would be classified as the average male. Sure he has developed muscle though he would easily be outweighed by an opponent of far greater skill. However, the training he did receive taught him that even with his smaller body he could still outlast and outwit his opponent. His pelt is a dark rusty red, and appears along his muzzle halfway around his eyes. The red is a main colour across the body including the side of the neck, tail and ribs. Black covers most of his scalp, side of the face and the spine of this male. Extending from his underbelly to his throat and around the mouth are a snowy white while his limbs are a dark black flowing into the rusty red. There is a black smudge starting beneath Oisinís eyes in a slant that meets against a tawny coloured marking that starts from the top of his eye reaching further downwards. Along his back are two V shaped black markings and tawny appears again as a solid colouring for his ears.

Personality: The male thrives off of success and violence. Sure he is a wolf meant to help those wounded, though he never attempts to prevent it from happening. Oisin has an affinity for herbs and healing, something he learned from a beloved mentor (the Shaman) within his birth pack. His perspective has been distorted since the days when his mentor was alive, for Rafi's death was a harsh blow to his soul and well-being. He often carries Rafiís skull around with him, not only to house herbs but for comfort as well. Oisin believes that his mentorís spirit still speaks to him and can often be seen 'talking' out loud as if in conversation with himself. He has suffered hardships like many wolves, though he was not able to keep his sanity, completely anyway. Oisin's spiritual connection to the Creator was affirmed through Rafi's teaching and is evident in everything he does, however his fading mind likes to believe he can receive visions. Some believe the visions, though others are sceptical of the ramblings. There is no compassion or empathy that resides in this wolf, he just does his job and does it well. He finds joy in manipulating others to his will and believes that life is centred around manipulation in order to get what you desire. There is no fear of death that resides in him; he trusts that every action, his death, fate is left up to the almighty Creator. Oisin, despite his wavering and deceitful personality, can be loyal to those he becomes close with. Deserving superiors get his utmost respect, though it is hard to determine if it is sincere or not. He is terrified of fire and has become extremely distressed to a state where he cannot move an inch.†

Strengths: gutsy, intelligent, healer, quick, keen survival instincts, manipulative
Weaknesses: smaller than average male, emotionally/mentally unstable, cruel, fear of fire

Oisin K1bgaw

image manipulation/character -c- yellowdeer.deviantart.com
My images are made in photoshop using stock photos from various accounts on deviantArt.
In no way shape or form have I given permission to anyone to use my manipulations.
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PostSubject: Re: Oisin   Oisin Icon_minitimeJune 18th 2014, 10:32 am

Approved. Welcome to the site!
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