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PostSubject: Julian   July 17th 2014, 2:40 pm

| Julian; Formerly known as Blade |

•  Gender
| Male |

•  Strength  
| Speed; His slender build gives him an advantage in this field |
| Scenting; His sense of smell is very acute and sensitive. He dislikes being around dirty, unwashed items because of this |
| Mental Focus; Julian never breaks under pressure, and his mind can deter anything going on around him |
| Sharp; Despite his slow, monotonous aura, he is quick to pick up on unsaid words or feelings |

 Weakness  •
| Silence; He rarely says anything of importance, as he usually assumes everyone else has already figured it out |
| Persistence; This is usually considered a good quality, but his mental focus can sometimes drive him to the edge of death. He does things throughly, but he cares not for his body |
| Stamina; Julian's throat had been torn out when he had thought to be killed. It healed oddly, so it has become hard for him to take deep breaths when doing anything physical |

•  Pelt Color  
| Gray |

| He has black markings that line his chest, belly fur, and around his tail. The scuff on the back of his neck is marked with black tips. Another comes from his nose to his eyes, and under them is a line that flows into the scruff of his neck. There is another line on his forehead that leads to his back as well |

•  Eye color  
| Red |

•  Personality  
| Quiet and aloof, Julian prefers silence to mortal contact. He speaks haltingly, as if unsure how to. His personality is very awkward and introverted. He is a very understanding soul, but the kindness only shows in small amounts. His many emotions are held back, because he doesn't want to change from whoever he was before his amnesia. It feels as if he had taken someone's life as his own. He isn't very dense, but it is very hard for him to warm up to you, and not many delve very deeply. He always has a wall around him and others, and rarely lets love and friendship come into his life. His fear of losing keeps him from giving. The more you care for something, the more it will hurt for you to lose it. |

•  History  
| Julian was known as Blade when he was younger, and Blade, Boulder. He was Boulder's younger cousin, however, in their pack, family ties did not matter once the pup was old enough to hunt for itself, so it wasn't emphasized in their puppyhood |
| When he was young, his father had been infected with rabies, and he had killed his mother and younger sister. His uncle, Steel, had realized this and sent wolves to chase out and kill his father. After that, he was not eager to continue his training, but by his friend's urgings, did he continue |
| Then that fateful day came when father decided to kill son. Blade had just come back from another mission issued by another pack who had wanted a helping hand in conquering another pack's territory. It had been successful and they had driven them out, but Blade did suffer from wounds. He was about to report to Steel about the missions success, but instead of met by Boulder running past him covered in some blood. Steel had come rushing after him, but Blade stepped in his path to asked what had happened. Steel, his mind clouded in wrath, stuck down the wounded brute. His head had been thrown harshly onto the stone ground, and his throat torn out. At this point he had amnesia, and does not recall anything of his younger self since the damage had been done quite early in his life |
| Once Steel had chased up Boulder, he realized he had killed Blade. He had some wolves leave him outside of their territory for the crows, but someone had dragged him off. Their first intention was unknown to him, but he had been healed. They explained where they found him, but he still did not recall anything. They said he had suffered head injuries, causing his half deaf ear and his amnesia. He left the pack once he had recovered, and took on the name Julian. He tries to figure out what happened before he got amnesia, and wanders aimlessly across the territories |

•  Other
| He is half deaf in his left ear |
| Julian came from Blade's (Originally Boulder's) history. The creator decided it would be fun to include a character's past acquaintance in Wolf Life |
| He has Global Retrograde Amnesia, where have does not recall who he actually is, or in this case, was. He only recalls Steel (Blade's father) slashing his throat, despite not knowing his assailant's name |
| If it is quiet enough, you can hear a small whistle coming from Julian's now twisted throat as he breathes |

•  Picture(s)  

•  Human or Wolf  
| Wolf |

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` subordinate


Self-Proclaimed Potato

Posts : 730
Female Age : 16
Location : In a far, far away galaxy, on a planet, called EARTH
Registered : 2013-03-21

PostSubject: Re: Julian   July 17th 2014, 2:42 pm

Accepted by me
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