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How will you live yours?

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 Tongues of Fire and the bite of Ice

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PostSubject: Re: Tongues of Fire and the bite of Ice   April 26th 2016, 12:39 am

The oddly patterned wolf shrugged, a carelessness he hadn't achieved in many a day. Tarot was usually stuck in his dark and stormy moods, but maybe all the cold had managed to freeze the part of his brain that destroyed his disposition and unleashed his inner demons. He was too cold and annoyed to care. Too many toes were beginning to grow numb and getting a move on sounded like the best plan out of many.

And with his grumpy attitude resurfacing again, he offered some sarcastic insight."Don't think you've noticed, lover boy, but I've been here the whole time." He offered a scoff before glancing back at crunching snow to note the fact that Alex had decided to join him. At least he wasn't going to be as alone and as self-conscious as he would have...alone. The cold was doing things to his head.

"And it is getting better and better. More eyes mean a better chance at catching a meal, doesn't it?" He added, sighing when he could feel the insolence rolling off the wolf in waves. It made him want to puke. At least Alex had half a mind not to go prancing around with some she-wolf. "And here I thought I was beginning to be the dumb one." He ran his tongue over his maw, before immediately regretting the decision. The air crystalizing his saliva, making his muzzle itch and twitch. But to lick it again would mean more misery. He inwardly groaned, wanting to just go back to wherever he'd dome from and bask in the sun. He didn't want to die like some stupid wolf! "Can we get this hunting party moving along? I think I might have lost a toe or two by now." He muttered with a loud sniffle of his nose.
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PostSubject: Re: Tongues of Fire and the bite of Ice   May 4th 2016, 8:22 pm

Alex shook his fur and yawned. "I would love too. Maybe catch a few we're lucky, and if we're not...well, then we'll keep looking." He suggested. 'wow, that sounded soooooooo dumb. he thought to himseld, which made him frown. Trying to redeem himself he began to sniff about hoping to catch the trail of a rabbit, or even some mice.
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Tongues of Fire and the bite of Ice
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