Arvalia's Application

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 Arvalia's Application

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PostSubject: Arvalia's Application   Arvalia's Application Icon_minitimeOctober 9th 2014, 7:31 pm

Name: The female goes by many names, but prefers to be called by her birth name, Arvalia. (Are-Vail-E-Uh)
Gender: Female
Strengths: Arvalia excels at hunting, as her lithe and lanky build makes it easy for her to silently yet swiftly sneak up on prey and give them a quick killing nip. She also has a lot of stamina, which makes her great at running. It makes her feel free, and it helps her run from larger wolves and when she chases large prey.
Weakness: She fears the water. It may be considered hydrophobia, but she doesn’t go in water that makes her paddle to get across. She will only go with a buddy, or if there is another wolf in sight. She also doesn’t do too well when it comes to battle. She is a large wolf, but usually will be submissive when challenged. Another weakness is that she can have too much sympathy at times, which makes her an easy target. If a wolf is in danger or pain, she will immediately race to help them. This is because she watched a wolf fall to his death as a pup. It was winter, and they were crossing a river. He fell in through the cracked ice and drowned because the Alpha wasn’t willing to risk any lives to help him. She realized she didn’t want to be like that, and vowed to help those in need.
Pelt Color: Her pelt is a light chestnut that surrounds her muzzle and covers most of her body, but she has a white undercoat.
Markings: She has a few patches of light gray fur here and there. One patch of brown-gray fur is over her muzzle, covering her eyes with a “mask” of gray.
Eye color: An icy blue.
Personality: Arvalia is a friendly, laid-back wolf who spends her time surviving to the best of her abilities. She is friendly, but will take her time when getting to know someone. She tends to believe relationships grow on trust, not force. She enjoys hanging with pleasant wolves, and dislikes forward wolves. She also doesn’t approve of nosy wolves, who always try getting in her business. She is like a loner, but is open to take in companions. This makes her both strong and submissive.
Other: If a wolf is submissive after she challenges them or desires something they possess, she will not hesitate to act as though she is in charge, since she’s normally the one being commanded. It makes her feel confident and gives her courage.
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Human or Wolf: Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: Arvalia's Application   Arvalia's Application Icon_minitimeOctober 9th 2014, 8:23 pm

Accepted, you may now role-play with Arvalia!
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Arvalia's Application
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