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How will you live yours?

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 The Shadow Bio

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PostSubject: The Shadow Bio   The Shadow Bio Icon_minitimeJanuary 8th 2015, 7:22 pm

The Shadow Bio Rye10
Name: Shadow

Gender: Male

Strength: Shadow is a really great fighter, and doesn't hesitate to fight someone if they are threatening him or harming a loved one. 

Weakness: Hunting, Shadow could hunt but he isn't the best at it, he has had some successful hunts and other not so successful

Pelt Color: Shadow's pelt color is a dark sleek black, he has white patch on his chest and a white patch on his left shoulder. His fur texture is a silky and soft color

Markings: Just white patches here and there

Eye color: Dark pale yellow orbs

Personality: Shadow is a very funny and sarcastic wolf he is very talkative and very social. He could be very caring for his family and loved ones such as pack. He is very loyal towards his pack, he will protect them till his dying breath. He can be a very angry and furious wolf if you push him to his limits.

Other: He is a lone wolf

Human or Wolf: Wolf
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PostSubject: Re: The Shadow Bio   The Shadow Bio Icon_minitimeJanuary 18th 2015, 4:17 pm

Accepted! You may now role-play with Shadow! Welcome to the site, I hope you'll have fun! But make sure to wait for yor biography to be accepted before role-playing. Thank you!
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The Shadow Bio
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