The Foxes Den (Forum, Chat, and RP)

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 The Foxes Den (Forum, Chat, and RP)

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PostSubject: The Foxes Den (Forum, Chat, and RP)   May 4th 2015, 4:21 pm

I am creating a little forum called The Foxes Den, and I thought i'd come here to advertise it, seeming as you guys like this kind of rp's and stuff. ^^
The site is not fully complete, but feel free to signup- having more members will be enough motivation to get it all finished. :3
thx  nerd

Mate is: Kihyah= Titus
Scar over eye
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dark blue eyes
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gray pelt, with brownish-white patch on back
age: 8 years 8 months
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The Foxes Den (Forum, Chat, and RP)
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