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PostSubject: Tsuji   May 16th 2008, 7:59 pm

Edited 1/9/2012 - Due to inactivity, I felt this character sheet no longer accurately represented how I would be playing Tsuji.



Tsuji is considered by those who have met him, a strong and intelligent wolf. He has shown himself to be adept in combat, and able to hold his own against wolves equal in physical prowess. His problem solving skills when it comes to surviving without an abundance of the essentials - food, water, shelter - have kept him alive where the slower of his kind would have faltered. Tsuji is one to rely less on others and find ways to live and even thrive by using his surroundings and knowledge to turn opportunity to himself.

Despite his strength and wisdom, Tsuji is by nature, a lone wolf. There is no interest in his mind to settle down - he doesn't know why, but his inclination is to keep moving, and staying in one place for too long irritates him, and puts him on edge. Subconsciously, he feels like he is being chased, but doesn't know his pursuer, or if there even is one.

This means he does not get attached easily - to any other wolf, place, or thing. Apathy, perhaps, could be a good way to describe it, but he is not completely without emotion. Historically, he rarely travels with other wolves for any length of time, preferring to find his own ways around. While not anti-social, Tsuji makes it abundantly clear that he has no intent to stay in one place, and if another wolf wants to associate with him, they better be able to keep up.

Tsuji is also not quick to inform others about his thoughts or feelings at any given time, and only speaks at his own discretion. When he does speak, others often interpret it as Tsuji speaking down to them, or as if they were inferiors. This is by no means Tsuji's intent, but he often comes off like that.

On a final note, Tsuji is strong, but not exceptionally athletic. While he can trek for long distances, he is bulkier than your average wolf, and his size tends to slow him down. He can run fast, but tires very easy, and can easily be outrun by wolves more lithe than he.

Eye color:

Tsuji believes he is very independent. He treats his past as a secret - in part because he feels he can't remember something, and trying to describe it, he fails for words. There always seems to be some fog about his past, like there is some important fact he can't remember, or is constantly overlooking.

He is also very independent when it comes to his injuries. He doesn't fancy others helping him recover from any injury, perceiving it as weakness on his part, instead of compassion of theirs. Regardless, he often finds himself in a situation requiring the help of another, and treats these opportunities as a chore more so than an opportunity to interact with others or grow.

Tsuji is, in essence, a lone wolf, who is confident in his ability to take care of himself, and doesn't mind interacting with other wolves as long as they don't slow him down, and are willing to keep quiet.

Pelt Color
Tsuji's pelt is pure white, which is unusual for the locations he usually lives in. He seems to never shed his winter coat, so his pelt is very thick with fur.

None, at the moment. He has territories, just like every wolf, he just chooses to change them to suit his needs.

If and when I become an artist (or can at least draw decently), I won't have a picture, because there are no pictures like Tsuji.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuji   May 16th 2008, 8:04 pm

they always start out as a lone wolf.Accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuji   January 10th 2013, 8:35 pm

Accepted, again. ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Tsuji   

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