"The Ghost Wolf" - Zaeli Kez'j

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 "The Ghost Wolf" - Zaeli Kez'j

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PostSubject: "The Ghost Wolf" - Zaeli Kez'j   December 5th 2009, 5:58 pm

Named: Zaeli Kez'j

Intro: River flows in you - Piano verision.

Called: The Ghost Wolf.

Gender: Female.

Age: About two and a half years old.

Looks through:
A pair of soft, beautiful honey-eyes with the tint of warm yellow in.

Weighs around:
About sixty eight pounds. Rather slim built, with covered in white fur.

From paw to shoulder: About twenty seven and a half inches. (Height)
Tip of nose to tip of tail: Around five and a half feet. (Length)

A lupus albus. (Normally called White Wolf)

Zaeli is a slim built female wolf with soft, intensive white fur and a pair of soothing, calm, soft eyes with a tint of playfulness. Her jaws are strong and is filled with razor sharp teeth inside with a reddish, normal long tongue. Her claws are black and rather sharp also as she moves with elegance and smooth moves over snow, grass, mountains or water. Zaeli got a black nose and haven't got any signs of any dangerous old wound, like a scar. She is very nice but deadly when she have to kill - Which makes some see her killing in the moonlight like some ghostly creature. So you can make clear she can survive even in the hardest times and roughest fights. She is a very mystical wolf - And often attrachs most males with her looks and looks. She is so deadly as beautiful.

Zaeli is a very warm hearted and shy wolf that can turn aggressive in needed states nor in blind rage/sadness of someone closes death, but often she is completely calm, nice and playful. She is rather strong to be a female, but slim due her flexible way of hunting and can a few tricks to get the food she needs. She can give killing blows easily due experience. Otherwise she is quiet passive against new wolves and gives them a chance before turning defensive in cases the other wolves dislikes her company. Zaeli is a playful and loving wolf that gladly plays if she gets the chance to, and she would enjoy it even more if she shared it with someone. She often walks alone but keeps her mood up with glad smile upon her lips and wants to be loved - If she gets loved she will love back and take care of what she loves.

Sadly she got none and was the last surviving in her family.

Nowhere this far - But she got wishes to join one.
Searching for an partner.

No pack this far since she've been a lone wolf in about two years.

Zaeli was born by her mother in a cave along with three brothers that passed away durning the hard winter, but she survived. Her father died in a battle about the cave by an rival and lost, the rival left with her fathers dead body. In about a half years of age Zaelis mother died by another wolf once again and watched the intruder start to tear the flesh from the bloody wolf, feasting upon the flesh and did not notice Zaeli who was hiding. After that Zaeli had to take care of herself and kept away from other packs in fright to be attacked like her parents were, staying hidden and is a really skilled killer and in how to survive.

Example Post:
Zaeli lied against the grass that was just done growing in a spring night, she looked up between the leaves at the full moon that shone over her slim built body, covered by soft, intensive white fur. Her honey eyes went back to the little glade in front of her with the scent of human and dog in the air.
"They never give up, do they
?" Zaelis soft, light voice escaped out into the air as she shook her head, disappointed.
"Search Tirom! Search!" Shouted a dark voice from a tree. The moon shined the man up in a long, brown coat and the silvery rifle when he stepped out into the exposed glade with the hunting dog close behind, that went on, sniffing in the grass and looked up and stared toward Zaeli's hidding spot and bared his teeth. "Oh come on, I haven't done any harm.. I do not want to hurt neither of them.." Zaeli sighed and stood lightly up in the bush, ready to run incase with her eyes set on the dog and man with the rifle.

The dog started to bark and the mans attention turned to the spot Zaeli was on, clearly she had been busted and she flicked her ears backwards and bared her razor sharp teeth in the dark. The dog jumped back in the barking, clearly afraid of the big wolf in the bush getting ready to attack. The man loaded his rifle and a shoot echoed in the forest with some crows lifting into the clear sky. The bullet had been an inch away to hit Zaeli's head and she growled with the man running closer to his dog.

Zaeli understood that she had no other choice then to attack to survive and in a blink leaped into the air toward the man who loaded his rifle. A crack was heard from the mans neck as Zaelis strong jaws locked around his neck and impaled is throat and his lungs started to fill with blood as he fell backwards into the grass with the wolf on him. Tirom, the hunt dog stared at his master getting a powerful and deadly attack by the wolf that stood on his chest with the moonlight dancing over the white fur - That made the wolf look ghost alike. Zaeli released her lock around the man and looked down at him with her soothing honey-eyes with the mans eyes filled with fear, hate, pain and shock. Zaeli had a calm expression on her face and she raised her head and looked up at the moon. It've gone three days since she got food last and she looked back at the man. In the other moment she spun around in the air from the man as the dog had made an attempt to bite her paw and barked angrily. Zaeli bared her teeth and growled back and the dog went to attack again. Useless for the small size Zaeli ripped the dogs stomach up with the sharp, black claws from her paws, before lowering the red paw of blood.

Her snout was red of the mans blood and she sniffed the new pray, pondering. A grumbling in her belly made her set her teeth into the man's side and start to tear the flesh apart and used her paws and strong jaw to get the food she needed. When done the man was nearly fully eaten of his flesh and organs, but the dog still on same spot as where it got killed. Zaeli looked up at the moon again before giving a last glance at her preys. "I am so sorry. But you left me no choice." Came from her as her voice faded along with a wind passing by and the ghostly shape of an white wolf with blood of its victim faded into the mist of the forest.

Zaeli is howling with her beautiful voice, singing with emotions and words that only wolves can understand..

Zaeli is lying while gazing out over the area, peacefully.

Get in trouble with Zaeli and death will shut its claws around your airway, choking you with fear.
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PostSubject: Re: "The Ghost Wolf" - Zaeli Kez'j   December 14th 2009, 7:12 pm

Wonderful bio! Approved. ^^
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"The Ghost Wolf" - Zaeli Kez'j
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