Severus Cearus Terikash.

How will you live yours?

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 Severus Cearus Terikash.

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PostSubject: Severus Cearus Terikash.   December 17th 2009, 1:09 pm

Severus Cearus Terikash.

Gender: Male.

Intro: Three Days Grace - Just like you.

Age: Four years old.

Looks through: A pair of icy green eyes that burns into your soul...

Weighs around: Mostly around one hundred and seven pounds.

Height: Thirty two inches from paw to shoulder.
Six feet from tip of nose to tip of tail.

Species: An Arctic wolf judged by the looks.

The wolf got its white fur cleaned, but not very well, dirt nor blood is mostly found upon the white paling color and the eyes of the cold green feels like staring into your soul with hate. The teeth're deadly and sharp with a intensive strong grip by the jaws that could crush bones easily and do nasty damage if used - The nose, as normally wolves is pitch black and ears with the color of black also. Long, and muscular, strong and aggressive building on the wolfs body can be seen, long legs, long tail and a brutal feeling when close.

Cearus is a classic kind of wolf that desires power, to remove anyone who crosses his way and in a bossy attitude. None have ever reach to his heart before and he never mated before, never cared either. He murders merciless and eats other wolves when he is hungry, or only kill for the pleasure to feel powerful. Cearus have never lost an fight, duel or anything, been Alpha male twice but the pack got killed as he refused to help fully as he should. He is also playfully, rude and cocky, wanting to play with his victim and can also be charming if he finds a pretty looking wolf. Powerful and greedy, murderous and evil is the words that can describe this male...

Kin: Killed his parents.

Lives: He is a loner and wanders around, trying to find a new source to gain power.

Pack: None.

He have never talked about it, but the truth is that he killed his mother as a
punishment for an accident of the pack, and when his father tried to stop him,
did Cearus remove him from the lifes path..

Example Post:

Cearus stared upon the bleeding wolf female in the young years tremble before his paws, whimpering in agony and fright, trying to make her life spared from the deaths grasp - That reaction only made Cearus snort and look up at the two other females that had run along with the female before his paws. The pair stood frozen at the spot, not doing a move to rescue their friend that now howled for aid and agony.

Cearus glared down at the female that howled. "Shut up, rat!" He growled and smashed his paw upon the airway by the wolf that got shocked and quiet, getting difficult to breathe and squirmed, kicking her legs in panic. The other two nervously moved, no idea to try and help their friend, Cearus looked up - Gazing upon the two others that backed and slowly bared their teeth, they finally decided to stand up for their mate. Cearus muzzle formed into a smirk. "Pathetic.."
Escaped his lips, his voice was deep and calming, but filled with cold hate.

Cearus moved to the side as one of the wolves leaped at him and she bit the neckskin, tossing her into a rock in the dead and misty forest and the wolf fell down, not moving.. 'Broken back' Cearus though with a light snicker and then watched the second that tried to paw her friend that lied with her airway pushed. Cearus grinned wolfish and stepped down the wolf whimpering before him, walking closer the other wolf that instantly started to dash away. "As I said, pathetic." Snorted Cearus once again and watched the wolf behind her.

With a loud whimper blood splattered at the area, covering the ground in blood, also Cearus white fur as he raised his head with the airway in - Gazing upon the wolf that got her throat ripped out and spitted it out. "I do not eat trash." He commented as he turned around and started to walk away, passing away from the scene into the misty forest, still hungering for blood...

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PostSubject: Re: Severus Cearus Terikash.   December 17th 2009, 1:42 pm

Approved, Hannah. ^-^ Can't wait to see him played. :3
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Severus Cearus Terikash.
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