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Ads should be placed on this site because...
We don't have enough members
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We need more support
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We need more traffic
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I don't think ad's should be placed on this site.
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PostSubject: Advertizing   Advertizing Icon_minitimeMay 18th 2008, 12:13 am

You know, a really good way to increase trafficking on this site would be to include advertisements on the homepage. It really does help with members (although I don't know why...). Every forum I've gone to that hadn't had advertisements that eventually got them usually got at least 10-20 more members in the first few months. So if you haven't already thought of it, there is a site called:


, and they advertise for free. all you have to do is place a bit of code in your forum that shows their ad's, and other websites that use that site who have that same bit of code will show your advertisements. Example:

Bob's Bird shop Bonanza signed up on "Adgridnetwork", then put a bit of code on his website. That bit of code showed an ad for Molly's Mango Meet.

Molly's Mango Meet signed up for "Adgridnetwork", then put a bit of code on HER website. That bit of code showed up with Bob's Bird Shop Bonanza.

While not entirely this simple (depending on how many sites exist like yours, thats how often your ad will pop up), it is still (I would believe (*couch* I-have-never-used-this-before *cough*)) effective.

I'm making an assumption, because I have never used Adgridnetwork before, but if thats what the guys I suggested get ads used, then it's worth a shot.

Even if it's not extremely effective, I can guarantee that web traffic will increase some, so we will show up closer to the top of search engines (if we show up at all) when searched for.




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