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PostSubject: Mystery   June 1st 2010, 2:48 am

Name: Mystery
Gender: Female
Pelt Shades: Raven black
Eye color: Dark green, gold around the pupils
Age: 3 1/2 Years
Mate: Kihyah <3

Strength: Stealth, speed, senses. Living as a young loner in the darkest part of the forest for almost two years gave Mystery the chance to learn how to survive when you can't see what your up against. Her senses are finely tuned and even her breathing and movment are silent. Her build enables her to dart in a matter of seconds and reach high speeds.

Weakness: Size. Sometimes Mystery's size can get her into trouble. She's a smaller wolf and others seem to underestimate her by her build.

Build: Small and sleek. Her body can easily reach blinding speed in a matter of seconds. She's not very strong but can put up a good fight when needed.

Personality: Mystery is very shy and protective. She doesnt like being with strangers and would much rather be with her friends or with her Kihyah. Her ears and eyes tell her mood. When her eyes are dark she's sad, worried, or mad.. When her eyes are light shes happy or excited. Her ears lie back against her skull when she's angry and flick when shes irritated. But they perk forward when shes happy or interested. She likes to watch and listen from the saftey of the shadows. Where she's invisable to even the keenest of eye sight.

History: Mystery was abandoned by her birth parents at a very early age. She had two siblings. Greysong her sister, oldest of the three, had a black pelt and ocean blue eyes. Okami, her older brother was her twin there for he was also black pelted with green eyes. Then there was Mystery.. The smallest of the litter she was black pelted of course and had dark green eyes with gold tints to them. A month after her parents had left them the three siblings got taken from each other in a great plains fire. She had watched her homeland burn down to ashes in horror, still a young pup she was confused and frightened as she stood. Flames licking at her pelt with horrible destruction. Her sister had told her to run... Run until she colapsed, and she did. She would wake up the mornin after the fire, weak and alone.. She would force herself to walk.. Deep into the depths of the forest she had found herself in. After about three weeks she found a newly mated couple and she watched them from a distance for some time. But then the male saw her one day, he was very large and purely black pelted. He walked up to her with a warm smile upon his maw. "Hello little one." he would say to her as she cowered inside some long grass. "H-Hello.." The little black Mystery would reply back to him. From there on the female would come and greet Mystery and she liked her very much. After a few days of Mystery living the the couple the two took her in as their own pup. But soon her adoptive mother would leave her and her father. She was never very close to her mother but it still hurt to see her go.. After she got over her mother leaving she was a very happy pup. She played with her father and loved him more than anything else. Once she was about a year old she met LightRay, a young timber wolf only a little older than herself. They ran together and played and were best friends from the very start. Light had asked her to be his mate when they were old enough and she happily accepted. Then.. It went downhill from there... Her father was attacked and severly wounded. Mystery tryed to treat him.. but it was to late. He was to weak.. Before her father died he gave Mystery a gold chain necklace that she now wears beneath her pelt on her neck. After that Light seemed to vanish of the face of the earth and she was completely torn to peices.. Alone Again.. No one wanted her.. No one needed her.. She was a crushed soul. She fled to the darkest parts of the forest, she didnt think she deserved to see the light of day. There she lived for two years.. Learned how to live without family.. Alone other than the males that would find her just to seem to break her heart. She locked away her heart after it had been broken to many times for a young she wolf. She put away her heart, Put it in a safe and threw out the key... Never to be opened again. Then one day she was forced from her dark haven.. Food was scarce.. She needed to move. She wondered silently and unknowingly into a large packs territory. Soon enough she was faced by a large timber wolf, the Alpha of the ShadowDiamondPack. The claimers of this territory. He questioned her, stuided her then decided. He asked her if she would like to join his pack and she accepted.. unsure as what would happen to her. But knew she had already been through a lot already in her short life, thought she would be able to handle a little while of pack life.. Maybe. She was quickly accepted by the other pack members and she began to make friends.. then.. there she was. Her sister, the black she wolf with ocean blue orbs.. "GREY" Mystery would scream as her and her sister reunited here now. Things were great, she was happy finally after two years. She had even met a Male.. Satier.. A black great plains wolf like herself. She opened up to him and after a while.. He asked her to be his mate. She accepted, thinking that nothing could go wrong now. She was wrong...
-To be continued-


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PostSubject: Re: Mystery   July 12th 2010, 3:05 pm

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