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PostSubject: Territories   July 26th 2010, 1:31 pm

So, you've got your wolf, and now you want him or her to have a permanant home they can "own". Well, this is the place for that. Here's what you have to do:

▪ First off, you need to know what territory you want to claim. If you don't know the name, then look for it, it's very easy to find.

▪ Next, you need a name for your pack. If you're just claiming for, say, you and your mate, then that's fine; you don't need a pack name.

▪ Now, after that's all well and done, it's time for the post. In this forum [ Claiming Grounds ] you must start a new topic. That post should be role play, and if one of the admins thinks it's good they will approve it and give you your new territory.

All territories under the category Lands of the Loners are not, nor will they ever be, available to claim for packs or mates. If you would like your pack/mates to live there, then that is fine; feel free to say so in your pack topic if you have one, but the territory's description will not have the pack's/mates' name(s) listed.

▪ You can only start off with one territory. You must wait at least one week before claiming another, or battling for another one. After that, you may not claim any new territories, but you may battle for them.

▪ If you are only claiming for you and a mate, you may only have one territory, and that is final. However, if you would like to change into a pack, feel free to PM an admin with the name of the pack and they will change it for you. Please remember that changing into a pack means that other wolves can join into your "family", so do not change into a pack just for another territory.

▪ When battling for a territory, if the challenged player does not respond within two weeks, they automatically lose the battle and the territory goes to the challenger.

Any questions? If so, feel free to PM me or another staff member and we'll be glad to answer any that you may have.
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