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How will you live yours?

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 MajesticWolfs Art

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` omega


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PostSubject: MajesticWolfs Art   August 17th 2010, 7:02 pm

Full Body: ( I can do chibi full body )
Paw: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Pixel: ( I didn't color the eye in ^^Wink

I take:

- Full body
- Avatars ( 50x50 - 80x80 - 100x100 and up )
- Headshots
- Eyes
- Paws
- Chibi
- Pixel

For avatars I will be only doing headshots. Full body avatars are hard and I won't be doing animation unless I have some knowledge of it.

Text: ( This is just for those of you that want text on yours and not a ton of it. Just a simple name or word )
Description: ( Please be detailed. It doesn't have to be professional. )
Eye Color: ( What color is there eyes? )
What do you want: ( look at the list above and put what you want )
Pose: ( looking down, up or where ever you want )
Background: ( it can either be a background or transparent )
Expression: ( sad, happy, mad, etc.. )
Reference: ( a picture that shows me what they look like )


    Eye Color:
    What do you want:


1. Do not claim as your own.
2. You can use these outside of WL
3. Credit would be nice in a signature (opt)
4. Don't have me make it if your not going to wear it.

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I will not die, I'll wait here for you
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` pup


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PostSubject: Re: MajesticWolfs Art   September 10th 2010, 5:21 am

Text: Simple Harmony?
Description: A white wolf with a flecks of brown in its pelt. (if thats too hard a simple gray would be fine instead :P)
Eye Color: Light blue
What do you want: Headshot please :P
Pose: lying down with paw covering face.
Background: Snow lots and lots of snow xP
Expression: Embarassed
Ref: Sorta like that but without the writing :P Sorry that the picture dont show

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MajesticWolfs Art
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