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PostSubject: Amber~   February 18th 2012, 1:01 pm



Hearing and Agility. Ambers small and nimble frame can send her bounding and racing, along with her hyper mood she's almost never sitting still.

Tracking. With Ambers short attention span she was never one to go out on a long hunt and track for days on end for any reason. Most of the time she would just get distracted and end up catching a small rabbit or maybe a bird.

Pelt Color:
Mexican Grey, consisting of many shades of blacks, oranges, and whites Amber adores the fall as she could see her colors throughout the terra. Ambers auds are a amber orange and there are slight hints of orange around her eyes and neck also that bleed into more all along her torso. Black follows mostly along her spine and is splotched with many white pieces while the tip of her tassel is pure ebony.

Two black strips that run down along her shoulder blades. Her cheeks are always purely white.

Eye color:
A solid Amber stone.

Amber is an outgoing, clumsy little yearling that is overflowing with spirit and playfulness. She never really outgrew that hyper streak that came with being a small pup and loves to play with anything she can get her paws on. It's easy to tell when this femme is down or just plain in a bad mood as she tends to just lay around and seem to stare off into space as her good mood instantly seems to fade. Other than that Amber is just a happy go lucky wolf in general, easily getting lonely though as she needed the company even if they just played with her for a few minutes and she'll even resort to trying to talk to a bird or mouse from time to time. They must think too right? When it comes to stangers she always seems to give them a chance, whether they're intimidating or not she would rather make friends than fight. When a fight does come along Amber isn't one to back out or run off as she can be very stubborn and hard headed at times.

Human or Wolf:

I love you Kihyah~ For all the little things you do like talk me to sleep at night <3
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PostSubject: Re: Amber~   February 18th 2012, 1:20 pm





Silent Hawk

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