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PostSubject: Leto   February 26th 2012, 11:58 pm

Leto; Meaning the forgotten.


Agility, sense of smell. Leto's long legs and small ears make her the perfect, small, agile canine.

Size, bloodline. Leto is a small fae with small auds and a short tassel. The fae was not born full bred Wolf as Coyote is stitched heavily in and out of her bloodline, causing her to give off odd scents and many other wolves simply shun her for her rare pelt.

Pelt Color:
A light grey with many various markings.

Dark greenish hues which can almost be mistaken as blacks stretch along her faes face and down along her nape. Four stripes fan out from her spine, touching her ribs before they cease. Various size spots lie along her hips and rump, a lighter greenish grey in the center of a few. A solid blackish stripe goes all down the faes tassel, giving birth to two stripes itself before her banner ends. The faes paws are black and as they go up her hinds grow gradually lighter and her stomach and chest are almost white.

Eye color:
A yellowed jade

Leto is a shy, stubborn little fae. She doesn't easily trust others as they usually end up shunning her, or atleast after getting whatever they had wanted in the first place. Once the little fae trusts someone though she's probably the most affectionate little thing you could get ahold off. Although her first impression may turn out to be cold and hostile the fae loves to be near someone and warmth tends to put her to sleep faster than just about anything else.

Human or Wolf:
Wolf/Coyote Mix

I love you Kihyah~ For all the little things you do like talk me to sleep at night <3
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PostSubject: Re: Leto   February 27th 2012, 12:07 am





Silent Hawk

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