New Wolves: Keme, Raelynn, and Talon

How will you live yours?

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 New Wolves: Keme, Raelynn, and Talon

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PostSubject: New Wolves: Keme, Raelynn, and Talon   June 7th 2012, 8:25 pm

Name: Keme (Native American for Secret)
Gender: Male
Strength: Hiding, blending into surroundings, trotting long distances
Weakness: Being loud, swimming, sprinting for a long time
Pelt Color: Black
Markings: Brown tipped ears and tail
Eye color: Amber
Personality: Keme is quiet, but when he speaks it makes you want to listen. He speaks with confidence, power, and it attracts you to him. He had caught the attention of many girls in the past, but none have stolen his heart as well. He has come here, looking for company
Human or Wolf: Wolf

Name: Raelynn
Gender: Female
Strength: Killing any large animal quickly or drawing it out slowly, sprinting
Weakness: Killing smaller animals, trusting brutes
Pelt Color: deep, rich black that shines especially in moonlight
Markings: A scar on the inside of her right front leg that resembles the word KILLER
Eye color: Deep blue
Personality: Rae is extremely quiet. Many have thought her to be mute, but she is one to suffer in silence. And that's exactly what she does. Nobody knows she is suffering, haunted by the memory of her father. Not a single person has tried to get to know her, so she hasn't had a reason to open up. If you try to get to know her, who knows what will happen?
History: Raelynn's mother died giving birth to her, and her father blamed her for it. He ditched her, and her pack took her in with no other choice. After 2 years, her father returned with many excuses on why he left. The pack accepted him anyway, thought Rae was cautious. Sure enough, the night of his return, he attempted to very slowly kill Rae. She was lucky to escape with her life. The only injury she got was a scar that almost looks like it says KILLER on the inside of her right front leg. And once she got away, that's exactly what she became. She murdered animals of all kinds without mercy.

Now, she's come to here to start over. She doesn't want to be known as "the silent killer" anymore.
Human or Wolf: Wolf

Name: Talon
Gender: Male
Strength: a great runner, confidence, and fishing
Weakness: Being silent, understanding when to shut up
Pelt Color: complex colored fur. His fur is tan with gray and streaks of dark brown
Markings: tip of his tail is very dark brown
Eye color: Tawny
Personality: Talon is athletic, loyal, strong, but he's sweet. If he finds love with you, he'll treat you like gold. Be careful though, he's been through a lot in his life.
History: He didn't have a bad life, not at all. His family was made up of his mom, dad, and sister. He loved his family, ESPECIALLY his mom. Then, one day, his mother got very sick. Talon was devastated. Soon after, she passed away, and his father was sinking into depression. Talon was left to care for his little sister, and one day after they had gone hunting, the pack was in an uproar. They told Talon that his father had surrendered himself to an enemy pack and they had killed him quickly.
The pack took his sister away from him and in defiance, he left
Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: New Wolves: Keme, Raelynn, and Talon   June 11th 2012, 8:17 pm

All Accepted.

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New Wolves: Keme, Raelynn, and Talon
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