moon cliff

How will you live yours?

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 moon cliff

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B.S. (BabySweets)

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PostSubject: moon cliff   November 6th 2012, 2:49 pm

sian walks around the beach and thinks, this is a good place to settle. "i claim moon cliff for the, starshine wolf pack." he howled.
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forest wanderer

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PostSubject: Re: moon cliff   November 7th 2012, 5:46 pm

(I'm sorry, but you cannot claim any of the Loner Lands (i.e. Moon Cliff, Forest of Mist, and Lunar Plain). They are there so that lone wolves can go there without fear of being chased away by territorial packs. If you would like, you may create your pack, but you cannot claim any of the loner territories. They can even live in Moon Cliff if you want, but it won't be put in the area's description, only in the pack topic you create.)
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moon cliff
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