Sanctum of EvenTide

How will you live yours?

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 Sanctum of EvenTide

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PostSubject: Sanctum of EvenTide   November 19th 2012, 8:05 pm

I would like to introduce you to Sanctum of Eventide of SOE!
Get the game download at this link: SOE Download

(this game is virus free and safe to download and also really fun!)

Note: here are some instructions to get the game. first click the link above, then sign-up for the website (its the only way to reach the download), click the "Game" button the go to the bottom of that page and click "Sanctum of eventide official download" the click on one of the links ( top one works the best) then download.

What is Sanctum Of Eventide?
SOE is a fun Multi-Play game where you create an animal and find cool items. Your animal can be a lion, wolf, tiger, cheetah, leopard, demon, and much more. You collect items from killing prey, but you will sometimes find them lying around! Some items include the rare paw fires and tail fires and spiked collars! Check it out!

Meet me in the game! My username is: LonerStarz
You might just see me walking around or hunting!

If you join, please share your username with us, on a comment on this thread! Thanks for reading and hope you join SOE!

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dark blue eyes
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Sanctum of EvenTide
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