Just A Few Suggestions...

How will you live yours?

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 Just A Few Suggestions...

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PostSubject: Just A Few Suggestions...   December 18th 2012, 1:44 pm

In my effort to become more interactive in the site, I would like to post a few suggestions.

Suggestion 1.) Allow humans to claim territories.

I'm not sure if humans are even allowed too, but if not, it would make it quite interesting for it to happen and to RP. Say if a wolf were to accidently wander into a humans territory, then they could have the option to try to become friends with it, or try too shoot it, or something of the sort. (Or maybe if the term "territory" doesn't fit with humans, maybe just homes or something, if they were to be "socialized" or live among other humans)

Suggestion 2.) Allow some what of a variation of "God-Modding."

I'm really not saying that it should be allowed, but in some parts of the RP forum, I've been seeing that once your character has been killed, you may no longer RP as that character. I'm also unsure if this is allowed, but if your wolf was killed in ONE RP, then I think it should be able to be alive in a seperate one. (I'm sorry if this may have made no sence, but I'm just saying that if my character, Aquila, were to die, I would want to still be able to RP as her in a different RP.)

Suggestion 3.) A Wolf Life YouTube channel.

Now, now, I know this may seem a bit odd, but it would be a bit interesting if there were to be a Wolf Life YouTube channel. When, or if, the plot gets finished or something, it could be turning into an animated series (if anyone were to be up to the challenge). And maybe if users wanted, they could make trailers for their RPs on Wolf Life and post it on there.

Sadly, that is all the suggestions I have for now. When I get more, I will create a new topic. Smile
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` subordinate


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PostSubject: Re: Just A Few Suggestions...   October 23rd 2013, 7:23 pm

Hi,just popping in here

I like your first and second suggestion. Humans should be able to claim 'territories' as well. It'd make things quite interesting. Your third one is ok. We don't have as many active members to have an active youtube channel. Though it would be good for advertising,if you wanted to show off videos or something. Although,it probably wouldn't work,it might just,but never know till you try right?

Finally,your second one isn't exactly one I agree with. When your dead,your dead. That's the whole point of death. You can't just resurrect something in the rp. You kill your character,because you don't want to roleplay it anymore. So,it shouldn't be able to be in some other place to rp,when he/she is already dead.
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` omega


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PostSubject: Re: Just A Few Suggestions...   October 25th 2013, 2:54 am

popping in too

I think your first suggestion is pretty cool. It would make the forum quite unique :)
i think maybe the humans could not claim the entire territories cos this forum is mainly for wolves. i guess another option would be to let the humans reside there permanently or have a settlement and just cause significant change to the area.  

As for the second one, i'm agreeing with Winterwolf. dead characters should stay dead. If not, what is the point? It would only confuse people and your character would basically have died for nothing.
you could maybe just adopt someone's character or create a new one.

The third suggestion is interesting. However, i think an animated series is rather difficult, though the idea is pretty creative. It is possible, and useful, but it all matters if RPers are up to the task.

Thanks for your suggestions, they were seriously cool :)
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PostSubject: Re: Just A Few Suggestions...   

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Just A Few Suggestions...
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