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PostSubject: Fallon   January 9th 2013, 5:15 pm

Name: Fallon
Gender: Female
Strength: running, taking care of little pup's
Weakness: seeing another wolf hurt
Pelt Color: pure black
Markings: white chest and under muzzle and up around front of face, tip of tail and back paws
Eye color: red but can change them if need too(when around other wolves or running from them)
Personality: Fallon's been alone since she's been outcast by her own mother who thought she was a demon, she been living on her own running everynight being chased by other packs. she's a strong spirited wolf with the heart of a burning flame that can't be put out.
Picture(s): profile picture
Human or Wolf: Wolf

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PostSubject: Re: Fallon   January 10th 2013, 1:43 am

Accepted. Welcome to the site. =]

Also, keep in mind that when you post in a role play in one of the territories, you need to use third person writing. First person is what you were using in the personality field. This is just because it is easier to follow for everyone else. Welcome again!
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