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PostSubject: Kuchiru   January 12th 2013, 4:46 am

Name: Kuchiru

Gender: Male

Strength: Kuchiru is all brawn and little brains. Raised in a pack slain long ago and forgotten by many, Kuchiru was a omega wolf, and found himself doing most of the menial labor to support the pack. Because of this, he was given no time to explore and learn, instead forced to slave away for the benefit of those above him. This has left him with a skewed sense of the world he lives in - a view that everything is falling apart and decaying, and there is nothing that can stop it. He lives in fear of his surroundings at all times, a personality trait most likely inspired by the wolves of his pack who, given any opportunity, would try to put him into his place.

However, Kuchiru is not dumb, and understands that his physical prowess is his primary strength. While he is not cunning or quick, once he gets a hold of something he wants to end, he will bite and never let go until it stops moving. His attitude towards other wolves is hostile - not purely because of how he was treated as a pup, but also because he fears other wolves will seek to dominate him, and make him the omega again. Between fighting and coexisting, Kuchiru will chose fighting under most circumstances.

Weakness: What he makes up for in pure, brute strength, Kuchiru lacks in knowledge. His understanding of how the world works is poorly thought out. He understands that moving things mean food, dead things mean safety, and things are better off dead than moving.

His large build does not lend itself to many agile feats; Kuchiru is slow, and his movements are as fluid as tree sap. Against another quick, witty wolf, Kuchiru would have trouble holding his own, relying on a lucky bite in the right place instead of evasion. He is also not very fast, and is clumsy when he runs, often crashing into trees or tangling himself in roots in pursuit of prey. While he is strong enough to suffer no real damage from these obstacles, it slows him down enough to be unsuccessful in catching an escaping opponent.

Finally, he is very ill-mannered, and is not friendly on even the best circumstances. While his instincts keep him from treating all wolves as an immediate threat, he is not afraid to use force against a wolf he deems a danger to himself. He rarely seeks to befriend or associate with other wolves, regardless of how it may benefit him.

Pelt Color: Charcoal-grey

Markings: White spots around the eyes; a number of thick scars lining his underbelly; a permanent tear of the flesh on the right side of his maw

Eye color: Red-brown

Personality: Ill-mannered and unsociable. Kuchiru wants nothing to do with his kind, and would much rather see the world decay around him than do anything to remedy it. He is, for the most part, silent, preferring to speak in the presence of no wolf, but only to himself in isolation. He often refers to past events in his history, often threateningly, as if it was a part of him he would do without, but presents feelings he can not let go of.

Other: Mysterious past; currently unknown physical limitation; inability to hide altogether (not that he tries); mild insanity

Picture(s): Coming soon

Human or Wolf: Wolf

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Current location: The Forest - Dense Forest
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Current location: Lands of Ice - Freezing Forest
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Special thanks to WW for the avatar!
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PostSubject: Re: Kuchiru   January 12th 2013, 6:25 am

Approved. His name, er.. Fits him well. xD
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