Destra Valger

How will you live yours?

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 Destra Valger

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PostSubject: Destra Valger   January 20th 2013, 12:58 am

Name: Destra Valger (Destra for most)
Gender: Fae

  • quick runner
  • understanding
  • usually pretty managable


  • quick to judge
  • careless
  • occasionally territorial of her space

Pelt Color:
For a wolf Destra is fairly short and stout. The majority of her fur is is black with deep russet-brown markings coating her muzzle, ear tips, down her back, tail, and slightly under her bright amber eyes. In that same russet color Destra has a sock marking on her left leg that stretched only to about a quarter of her fore leg. Even though the fae is considerably smaller than most she does not lack in strength or speed. With large paws Destra can most terrains with strong claws. She is a lean mean hunting machine as well with just as much if not more jaw strength than most. A diet composed mostly of rabbits and other small creatures keeps her figure slight, her skin pulled tight over toned muscles with a long but thin coat to gloss over it.

As stated previously in an overall description, Destra has deep russet markings on her eartips, under her eyes, down her back and tail, and as a sock on her left forepaw.

Eye color:
Destra has bright amber eyes that appear redder at night and silver in the moonlight.

Spending most of her life on her own and in the plains of tanarah Destra has initially become isolated from the world. When confronted by another wolf her first reaction is usually flight from the situation even though she can hold a conversation, especially if that conversation turns into a controversal argument. Destra has quite a tongue on her, usually turning to sarcasm, crude humor, and some very sharp and snarky remarks when nothing more polite lights her mind. That doesn't go to say that she can't be polite, indeed she can and usually is with strangers which to most after they get to know her can throw many off as to how they see her. Hope for a better future drives Destra, the fact that one day she will find somebody to be hold as a true friend keeps the fae going although she dislikes leaving what she has come to know.

Other: Destra prefers to be in open areas where she can feel the wind tug at her fur. Open plains with long grasses or breezeway-like territories like in canyons are where she prefers. She also enjoys these places for the security she feels as she can look any which way and almost always see a stranger if need be.


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PostSubject: Re: Destra Valger   January 23rd 2013, 12:43 pm

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Destra Valger
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