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PostSubject: Kaline   January 20th 2013, 1:12 am

Name: Kaline
Gender: Fae


  • Fast runner
  • Strong Jaws
  • Great set of lungs


  • Less than acceptable traction
  • Dislikes battles
  • Not a very skilled fighter

Pelt Color:
Kaline stands at 33in. at the shoulder, her legs are long and lean, her body toned and strong from her training. Although she was made to run, Kal's paws are quite small, meaning although she can run fast, her traction is not all that , leading to falls and dirt in her fur more often than not. Her fur is a silver white color with splatters of a darker gray. In length Kaline hits about five and a half feet with her tail included and with her ability to run and having such a large stamina she can hit speeds of forty MPH and can travel about that same distance in a whole day while hunting.

Her ear tips are shaded as well with a strip of darkness leading down to a dark tipped tail; as well as her previous markings she also has darker tinted socks on her legs, her paws though are lighter than the rest of her legs, giving her the appearance of even longer legs than she actually has.

Eye color:
Her eyes however attract more attention than her markings being a bright amber color, growing darker towards the pupil and around the iris itself, green flecks can be seen in sunlight although she hardly ever looks anyone in the eye.

Kaline is very outgoing with her friends. She always speaks her mind on issues whether others want her to or not and while some find this endearing and an amazing trait, her mouth within her aquaintances can also be a set back. Often times Kal will speak where others do not want her too. She can bring up issues that are better left alone and therefore can cause sparks of anger amongst those that she cares for and care for her.
While she hardly shows this, Kaline is a very nervous wolf, she has little self-esteem although it doesn't show with how much she talks out. More often than not she questions her every move, even if she is asked to specifically do something, while she is completing the task her mind runs with uncertainties as to whether or not she is working hard enough or doing a good enough job. She will not discuss this with other wolves unless she trusts them with her life, which is not very many wolves, even in her past family pack.
Although Kaline adores those she knows and would do practically anything for them, she does not like to connect with them as much as she prefers to be alone. Kaline prefers to distance herself from large gatherings of wolves or else she tends to feel closed in and claustrophobic. She does however like to have many friends, even though she will often not connect with those wolves on a regular basis.

Other: Kaline lost her younger sister after she gave birth to a pup. Although the pup stays with its father Kaline will spy on her every so often as a rememberance to her sister.

Human or Wolf: Canis lupus occidentalis (Makenzie Valley wolf)
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PostSubject: Re: Kaline   January 23rd 2013, 12:43 pm

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