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PostSubject: Ren   Ren Icon_minitimeApril 26th 2013, 3:17 pm

Name: Ren
Gender: Female

Strength: Great sense of smell, exceptional hearing. Very balanced and careful with the way she moves.
Weakness: Partially blind; she cannot see the details of her surroundings, especially from a distance. Usually has to rely on voices rather than faces to determine another's identity unless she gets quite close. She has a narrow field of vision, so she cannot see out of the peripheral at all. Her sense of sound is often both a blessing and a curse due to its heightened strength.

Pelt Color: Off-white.
Markings: Darker grey around eyes and end of muzzle. Black "streaks" mottled on back and sides, darker grey ears.
Eye color: A very dark brown, usually appears black.

Personality: Ren has a very introverted nature and thus, by definition, is a loner. She doesn't feel the need to have any friends, and if she ever were to have any she most certainly wouldn't be the most conversational of company. She has a hard time trusting others in any way, even after a long duration of time, and always assumes the worst in others' intentions. She usually interacts with an extremely defensive demeanor, ready for fight or flight at any moment. She isn't necessarily skittish, but she does have a hard time remaining mentally calm in many social situations because of her weak eyesight. She tries to keep a strong barrier in front of her emotions as well as her past to others, feeling that she should only rely on herself to survive.

Once one gets past her distrustful exterior, Ren is really quite sweet, albeit somewhat damaged. Although she still doesn't speak her mind very much (if at all), she is a lot more friendly around someone if she manages to trust them. Something that she considers to be a character flaw (very rarely is it genuinely useful as far as she's seen) is that she is incredibly loyal. If she can push past her fears, she will defend you with her life if it would help. She will try to do most anything you ask of her in an attempt to keep your friendship, regardless of the risks.

Ren has a hard time speaking of anything personal, even if the "personal" topic is whether she likes something or not. She refuses to be a burden on anyone she might maybe be acquainted with as much as possible. She believes that if she is, no one will ever want to bother with her (which, going by past experiences, no one has). She's found out the hard way that if a blind wolf wants to survive, they have to learn to trust no one.

Other: Nothing.
Picture(s): Full-body image.
Human or Wolf: Wolf


Walking. "Thinking." “Speaking.”

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