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PostSubject: Alyce   Alyce Icon_minitimeSeptember 16th 2013, 2:22 pm

Name: Alyce
Gender: Female
Strength: Hunting; Alyce doesn't excel in this, but it is considered by many one of her strengths. Fighting; She actually excels in the art of fighting. Strength; Through her body's structure quite fragile looking, Alyce holds great amounts of strength, but it's still nothing out of the ordinary.
Weakness: Swimming; Alyce has always had a problem with swimming. Stamina; This wolf has a lack of stamina, which in her case makes everything harder.
Pelt Color: White
Markings: None; pure white fur all but a scar on her left side.
Eye color: Green
Personality: The slender frame this women is built on can make one think that she can't handle herself. With each step this awfully reckless women takes a warrior blossoms, a show of awkward dominance against another that doesn't hold the position to start a fight is present also with her movement. Look into the dark chocolate orbs of this reminiscent of a ghost and be taken to a different world; a world of Alyce's own making. Though she does not speak often, it's necessary that you listen to her, not her words, but her swaying moves. Behold! Behind a layer of ivory rock lies the one you've been dying to meet...with her looks so innocent and sad, her appearance is much too often thought about. The thoughts, the words, the horrible tendencies are just Alyce; the devils' child...outcast from her family for her strange ways. A stature small; so thin, but yet so sturdy. Slipping through the shadows is where she best stands; not so much in the middle of a scene that needs help understanding. Her howl, so odd it shouldn't even be owned by an effeminate, yet it still is. Sorrow eyes stare back at you, as if there were a pup lowering itself to the ground in a desperate fight to have the feeling of comfort from it's mother once again. Alyce never really did grow out of her childish games, her favorite one is called run, hide and let me kill you, she never gets to play it anymore though. Though her disposition often takes her to stand with the bad crowd, Alyce's true desire is for peace...only to be left alone, never again have to show fear, hope, happiness or any other kind of emotion. Others rule over her decisions always, she will never try to decide anything for herself; she's a pitiful and disgusting creature at least. A hideously deep scar runs down the left side of her body, ruining the once thought so pretty ivory that Alyce owns. She has always been best suited for a lower rank; one to be despised and looked at with pitiful stares.
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PostSubject: Re: Alyce   Alyce Icon_minitimeSeptember 19th 2013, 9:44 pm

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