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PostSubject: Kistara   Kistara Icon_minitimeJune 26th 2014, 6:54 pm

Name: Kistara
Gender: female
Strength: she has great stamina and an ability to move more silently than others because of her slender structuring. Kistara is a very good liar.
Weakness: hunting isn't one of her strong points, nor is fighting or anything that includes strength.
Pelt Color: ivory
Markings: none really.
Eye color: a deep shade of chestnut.
Personality: Kistara, a princess with her good looks and high praised manners; compact structuring with prominent curves and tea cup paws, ivory pelt with only a few gray bits splotched on her face, sweet smile and a mysterious pair of deep chestnut eyes. She lives for the thrill of life; the ups and downs, the sweet surprises, and for the most part – playing her simple minded and very logic based games that may or may not lead to the utter destruction of another. She can only chuckle at all your wise-cracks and grin for all your compliments, small stereotypical flirts. All in all, Kistara is a total flirt who lives to please everyone she meets and be of standard to them. She can barely make a decision about herself without getting the approval of another. And the fake melancholy that is carried just behind her eyes – overrated by many. She is a pathological liar but not a sociopath; she simply cannot stop lying to you until she gets what she wants.

This gal may be called manipulative once and awhile but that never gets to her. Kistara just laughs it off and goes on to please someone else with her magnificence. This elegant beauty has a very pleasing personality, or at least that is what she disguises her evil as. She makes everyone she meets love her and will talk until she can’t speak anymore. Just once you think you are in love and are seriously considering asking the question, Kistara will leave you with only a simple ‘sorry’. She truly is the pretty princess that has been turned corrupt by the queen.

Histrionic Personality Disorder – the condition where ones inflicted will exaggerate their emotions and carry a very exciting and dramatic sense all the time. It may be fun at first to meet someone so seemingly perfect but that (in all senses) is totally the backwards way you should be looking at the whole situation; after awhile of her ‘tag’ playing you will get sick of it and will grow weary of even looking at Kistara. This sense of rejection will only make her that much more inclined to get your approval. She will develop a mad fixation on you and will stalk you for as long as you try to ignore her. This temptress truly is mad.

There is another thing you probably noticed about her. In sad situations she will smile or burst out in a hysterical fit of laughter and will do the opposite when the situation is happy. If she feels angry she may begin to tremble, seemingly from fear. At totally random times you may find that Kistara has begun to either cry, laugh, or experience some other overwhelming and uncontrollable emotion to the fullest extent possible.

Other: Look up "Histrionic Personality Disorder" and "pseudobulbar affect" to learn more about her conditions.
Picture(s): click!
Human or Wolf: wolf

"Yawn-a-rooney. We both know you eat punks like that for breakfast. I've got some real surprises in store for you."

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PostSubject: Re: Kistara   Kistara Icon_minitimeJune 26th 2014, 7:43 pm

Accepted, feel free to role-play on the forum!
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