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PostSubject: Tobias   Tobias Icon_minitimeMay 4th 2012, 11:02 pm

Name: Tobias
Gender: Male

Strength: Extremely stealthy when he wants or needs to be, excellent hearing. Good eyesight and sense of smell. Very intelligent.
Weakness: Physical contact with other wolves, not very strong. Relies mostly on surprise to attack prey. He often has to have a "sense" of things or to have something be in some kind of order, whether it was his idea or not.

Pelt Color: Rusty red/brown.
Markings: Cream on face, legs, chest, stomach, and the underside of tail.
Eye color: Ghostly blue.

Personality: Tobias is, most prominently, quiet. In all of his life he hasn't said a single word, though he understands speech perfectly and could talk if he wanted to. It's very hard to say why he chooses not to speak; he doesn't even know himself, really. He does make the common sounds, though, such as yelps, growls, whines, howls, etc., but usually only when he deems absolutely necessary. If another wolf were to touch him, especially for a long period of time, he will completely freak out by yelping, whining, and struggling as hard as possible to get away from the contact if it doesn't end soon enough. When he's in one of his "melt downs" and he has lost the physical contact, it takes a while for him to calm down and he often half-rolls the front part of his body (forelegs, head, neck) on the ground left and right over and over again until he settles. He is very detached, often avoiding eye contact and generally missing social or emotional queues (such as a smile, scowl, or an overall sad expression), leaving him to be considered by many to be non-empathetic.

A couple of years ago, during the time humans usually went out to hunt wolves, Tobias had unfortunately been in the area. He had been tranquilized by a hunter, who then knotted a small piece of some kind of rag above his ankle on his left foreleg, wanting to hunt him later. Tobias left as fast as he was able, and after the initial over reaction to his new accessory he has now grown a strange attachment to it. If it were to be removed, or attempted to be removed, not only would what he was used to for years be changed but he would lose something he deems very important to him.

Like the rag, Tobias feels the need for things to remain the same for as long as possible. He likes to follow a set pattern, and an unexpected change in that pattern (usually something major, he's pretty adjusted to getting used to, say, a different sound or scent every day, sometimes even a stranger) would cause a "melt down". He likes it when objects or activities are in some type of order, and will often go out of his way to make sure there is an order if he can. He remembers things very well, and so random names of things that may or may not be important (such as places, the name of a wolf, or maybe something that is either about to happen or already has) repeat in his head and he feels the need to convey some of them over and over again until either he is pleased with whoever he was showing it to had gotten what he meant, or that it wasn't important and rather something he just had to get out of his system for no apparent reason.

Other: Autistic.
Picture(s): Full-body image.
Human or Wolf: Wolf

Walking. "Thinking." “Speaking.”

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PostSubject: Re: Tobias   Tobias Icon_minitimeMay 5th 2012, 2:32 pm


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