Rasofiel - Joining

How will you live yours?

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 Rasofiel - Joining

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PostSubject: Rasofiel - Joining   July 20th 2013, 11:35 pm

Name: Rasofiel
Gender: Female
Strength: Fighting,
Weakness: Mental Weakness: Fear of being hated, bipolarity, possessiveness with her loved ones.  Physical Weakness: Hunting; though it concurs with fighting, Rasofiel is often not interested in doing this and thus resulting in not being very good at it.  
Pelt Color: Pure Black; Midnight Black
Markings: None
Eye color: Red
Personality: Well... (Is that to long?*
Extremely elegant and pretty, Rasofiel could easily be a princess with her looks alone. Her coat is ivory and long, fluffy to keep her warm. She is still in her youth, but is growing to be an agile girl with long legs, superbly fast reflexes and a quick runner. She can duck and dodge to the point where it is unrivaled, which is helped by her slim frame and long legs. With a finely chiseled face and petite, pyramidal ears, Henna is really the most elegant of her family along with her brother. Her eyes are uniquely rare from her family genes, sanguine hues. This girl is by no means large, and actually ends on the smaller end of the medium scale. Her legs make sure she isn't small, but she's more of a medium size as a result of their length.

She is a killer like her brother, a mercenary who was trained from where she was little the art of fighting.

Rasofiel is passionate in everything does—in her life, and in her work. She is too passionate to feel numb after killing, she is too passionate to feel numb at all. For her to be indifferent would make her dead inside. Callousness is not something she is capable of, even in the face of cruelty. She feels contrite, she feels happiness, she feels what everyone else feels. However, she is capable of pretenses.

She is unpredictable in her behavior, erratic in her moods. She can be friendly and open, and in an instant become defensive and snappish 'cause of her bi-polarity. Not to mention, she is exasperatingly mysterious. She is aloof, and attempts to distance herself from other’s—in a way, its self defense, to keep her identify a secret. She is a criminal, after all. Rasofiel is also a wanderer—she is uncomfortable staying in any one place for longer than necessary. As a result, she roams.

Rasofiel's favorite alias to go by is Fox. It is her assassin name, so to speak. When it comes to first encounters, she is stand-offish and passive-aggressive, especially when it comes to employers. She also makes sure people know the severity of what they ask of her.

She is afraid of people hating her—more afraid of it then she is of death. She doesn’t want to be hated, or feared. She knows she’s a monster, and she’s accepted that; but she still goes to extremes to keep it hidden from the individual’s she meets daily. As a result, she keeps her brutality and savagery in check only her family truly knows about it. She keeps her secret passions hidden. She smiles, speaks charmingly, and makes jovial comments and jokes. She, altogether, is charming when she wants to be. Particularly in the company of men. Rasofiel can be a ridiculous flirt, when the situation calls for it.  

Rasofiel also tends to be obsessive, possessive, and painfully manipulative to people she cares about. She pushes them away, at the same time attempting to keep them close to her—but in the end, the strange mixture of wanting them to stay and wanting them to leave pushes them farther away than anything else would. She has a horrible sentimentality towards these people though—the ones close to her heart, and she shows them far more than she ever means too. And she grows to trust them, blindly trusting them, hoping that they don’t hurt her. It is foolishness that compels her to do this, foolishness and a desperate need of affection, of someone who doesn't hate her. But how can they not?

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PostSubject: Re: Rasofiel - Joining   July 28th 2013, 12:40 am

Welcome to the site. Approved. =]
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Rasofiel - Joining
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