By The Lake

How will you live yours?

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 By The Lake

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` pup


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PostSubject: By The Lake   October 13th 2014, 1:07 pm

The female's gray pelt stood out kind of obviously as she explored the new terrain. It was nice and warm, although a bit humid and sticky. Bits of grass and sticks clung to her paw pads, making it uncomfortable to walk around. The trees seemed to peer down at her from where they stood, high above their roots. It made her feel small- very small, and bothered her gravely. She was a wolf of many mixed feelings, most quite hard to understand. She felt alive here, but the lonesomeness she felt deep in her stomach remained like someone had put a cold brick into her mouth. She shivered before continuing on her way, taking in a few whiffs of the air every now and then. Her ears flickered and she turned, hearing the sound of leaves crunching beneath tiny paws. A pup? A hare? Her mismatched eyes blinked cautiously in unison. The atmosphere was tranquil and calm, giving the wolf a bit of a rest. She was far too used to being surrounded by wolves who couldn't accept how she thought. Tinsel finally had felt free. Like the weight of the world was taken off of her shoulders and thrown deep within an ocean far, far away. Her slightly darker ear rims twitched as she peered over the tall grass. A little hare cowered in fear, looking up at her. His body trembled. He was a young rabbit. Tinsel looked left and right, then back down at the poor scrap. Where would his parents be? Clearing her throat, she spoke quietly. "You're lucky you don't have any friends, much like me. I couldn't do harm to something that behaved like me. I'll spare you this time, but if I see you come these ways again, I will not hesitate to catch you." She knew it was crazy, talking to a hare. In reality she had been a bit lazy, although her hunting skills were sharp, but also she had felt like the rabbit had listened and began to understand her. She held her breath, not realizing it as she studied the pitiful creature. The hare looked up at her, his shivering seeming to decrease as she gazed down at him with narrowed eyes. He did not stir, so in attempt to get him running, she flashed her fangs, snarling viciously at him. The rabbit leapt up at once and raced off, his small legs moving up and down in swift motions. "One more living thing on this earth who despises me," she sighed, padding up to the large lake ahead of her. She lowered her cranium to the water's edge and began drinking silently.

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By The Lake
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